Our own Brian Beagle on 10 News!

You might have heard about the 10 Barrel news.  They want to open a brewpub in East Village, very close to Monkey Paw.  While it might seem like a good idea, more beer in San Diego, right?  Some may not realize 10 Barrel is owned by AB InBev.  Do we want a brewpub owned by AB Inbev in San Diego?  If the brewpub opens, the decision is ultimately up to the consumers on whether or not this is something the San Diego beer drinking community wants.
There will be a hearing on February 17th by Civic San Diego to see if there are any reasons to not allow them to begin construction.  Our Brian Beagle was interviewed by 10 News about this, you can watch the news segment below.
What do you think about this proposed brewpub?