Episode 171: It’s Bottle Share Time w/ Brett Stampf from Alta Brewing!


It’s another bottle share show!  While our listeners might not have as much fun as the people who came to the show, we promise fun times overall.  We are at the newly renamed Project Bar and Grill which used to be The Brew Project.  However, we start the show off with a little bit of sad news.  We are joined by the former head brewer (still partial owner) of Alta Brewing, Brett Stampf.


We start the show with a short, but informative interview with Brett.  We learn a little bit about what happened with Brett and what will happen to Alta Brewing.  This isn’t the first time a brewer and his or her financial partners have had different ideas on how to run and grow a brewery.  In this case, it became a relationship that could no longer last.  Find out more about our thoughts on the “temporary” closing of Alta Brewing.  Read more about it at the West Coaster.

The Rest of the Show

We come back after some bottle sharing with even more beer and give our review of the new Silva Stout.  We talk more about Back to the Filter since, you know, Beagle.  Then we discuss how Esthela was featured in the West Coaster!  She is one of the two ladies interviewed by Beth Demmon in her “Angels of Airwaves,” the other being Danielle Stuht from 91X’s Beer for Breakfast.  We decided to delve into the topic of how does everyone on the panel decide what goes on their beer calendar for 2018 and 2019.  What makes any of us decide to go to festivals, anniversary parties, can releases, beer pairing brunches/dinners, and tap takeovers?  Then we get into the news and after the show is over, Travis Hudson finally gets to speak his peace on can and bottle artwork.

In the News

  • Westcoaster uncovered more about Hodad’s new brewing operation.  Marlow Myrmo will be heading up brewing at Hodad’s Brewing. SDSU Brewing Program member.  10-barrel brewhouse and 60 barrels of fermentation space. 3,000-square-foot facility in the Murphy Canyon area. That space is designated solely for production and will not be outfitted with a tasting room.  Beer served at its locations only.
  • Cerveza Xteca quietly enters San Diego suds scene.
  • Longship Anniversary Party July 7th. VIP sold out, GA tickets ($15) available includes:
    • 1 Beer Ticket for One Full Pour
    • 1 Special Release Flight Voucher – Four 5 oz tasters
      • Lingonberry Saison (Collaboration with Thunderhawk)
      • Nordic Heather Ale (Collaboration with White Labs)
      • Althing Belgian Tripel (Aged One Year)
      • Longship 2nd Anniversary Beer
    • 1 Raffle Ticket (Extras bought for $1 each)

I Do Declare!

Thank you, The Perfect Pour, Colin Salmon, Ken Lierman, Chris Bush, Tony Bagz, Tom Keliinoi, West Coaster, Dave V, Roger Smith, Captain Eli, Craftbeeray, Vance Arthurs, Bill Benzel, Patrick Zacharias, Greg Nagel, Neil Halpin, John Allegretti, Scott Schmalbach, Brian Goold, Matt Landes, Cyrus B, Ben, Hoppy Craftsmen Podcast, Rock Out Scholarship Fund (Shawn Coady), Gwynntelligence (Padres Jagoff), Carlos Lee, Liz Bauer, James Ramsay, Christa Mitchell, Johnny Rivera, Tyler Ferguson, Queso, Oscar Barron, Amy Spackman, Three Frogs Beer Company, and NEW! The Kayne Padre and Mike from SoCal BrewCrew!

This episode was recorded live at Project Bar and Grill!

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