Episode #129: Saturation of Craft Beer in San Diego, Part 2


The Show

We are so happy to have recorded another panel of industry people to talk about the current saturation (or lack thereof) of craft beer in San Diego.  We are joined by:

Questions asked on the show

  • What are your thoughts on the current saturation of craft beer in San Diego?
  • Do you feel the overall current environment of the industry is a bubble that’s about to burst or a mature industry having a few struggles with its identity?
  • What do you think were the biggest factors to your success or failure?
  • What do you think about the recent boom in tasting rooms?
    • Do you think that is good for the industry in general?
  • Have you been encouraged by “The Rising Tide” of independence being important to consumers?
  • How much impact has “Big Beer” had in securing SKU and shelf space in retail establishments with their last five years of purchasing craft breweries?
    • Why are we not talking about the fact that ABInbev bought five percent of craft beer in the last three years?

I Do Declare!

Thank you, The Perfect Pour, Colin Salmon, Tait Campbell, Ken Lierman, Chris Bush, Tony Bagz, Tom Keliinoi, Nick Shields, Ryan DeBusk, West Coaster, Dave V, Roger Smith, Captain Eli, Craftbeeray, Vance Arthurs, Bill Benzel, Alana Gomez, Patrick Zacharias, Ryan Fowler, Greg Nagel, Neil Halpin, John Allegretti, Scott Schmalbach, Brian Goold, Matt Landes, Cyrus B, Ben, and Hoppy Craftsmen Podcast! (Nate, Jeff, & Chris).

Where to find our guests:

Lightning Brewery:
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/lightningbrew/
Instagram: @lightning_brewery
Twitter: @lightningbrew
Website: lightningbrewery.webhop.org

Intergalactic Brewing:
FaceBook: facebook.com/IntergalacticBrew/
Instagram: @galacticbrew
Twitter: @GalacticBrew
Website: www.intergalacticbrew.com

URGE Gastropub:
FaceBook: facebook.com/UrgeGastropub/
Instagram: @urgegastropub
Twitter: @urgegastropub
Website: www.urgegastropub.com

Jill Davidson – Pizza Port:
Facebook: facebook.com/Pizza-Port-Brewing-Company-220902498089476/
Instagram (Business): @pizzaportbrewingco
Twitter: @PizzaPortBeer
Website: www.pizzaport.com
Instagram (Personal): @_jillstagram

San Diego Brewers Guild:
Facebook: facebook.com/SDBrewersGuild/
Instagram: @sdbrewers
Twitter: @sdbrewers
Website: www.sandiegobrewersguild.org

This episode was recorded at URGE Gastropub & Common House – San Marcos.

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One thought on “Episode #129: Saturation of Craft Beer in San Diego, Part 2

  1. I just wanted to make a comment on the satellite tasting rooms from an outsider. I just do not understand the draw of a tasting room without a brewery attached. When I head to a tasting room I have every intention of checking out the brewery be it watching the Brewing process through windows in the tasting room or via tours. I want the opportunity to bump into the brewmaster while there to ask a quick question or just give them a high fve. I am glad they do not allow 6 satellite tasting rooms here.

    What they allow here in British Columbia is 3 tied houses Maximum but only for small to medium sized businesses making less than a set amount of beer to ensure macro breweries can not set up tied houses. These can be brewery lounges or restaurants but here in BC a lounge must have hot food options and can not just be a food truck. This has limited the spread of these tied houses as they are huge investments. From what I can see think off the top of my head only 4 of the 140+ breweries here have opened any. All of the locations sell their Beer and have a ton of guest taps. They are all run as pubs though and only one even holds the name of the brewery that owns it.

    I think the satellite tasting room just causes confusion and a headache. I know when I finally make it down to San Diego one day it’s going to be frustrating as hell to find actual breweries and not just these off shoots.


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