Episode #128: Thr3e Punk Ales


Even though our guest this show has been on the show twice before, this is the first time we’ve interviewed them at their brewery.  That’s right, Thr3e Punk Ales is finally open!  After a few years of contract brewing with Finest Made Ales (formerly Butcher’s Brewing) and delays from the city and other organizations like ABC and TTB, you can finally buy a pint.  Go find them down on Third Ave. in Downtown Chula Vista.


We are joined by Steve Garcia, Kevin Lewis, and Ivan Moldanado.  Since our friends over at Three B Zine did an interview with them already, we wanted to go another route.  We do ask a few questions just to break the ice.  After the questions, we get into a few games we have and the news.  We start the show with wondering how they are punk.  Since that seemed to not go anywhere, the actual first question is how they got into brewing and craft beer.  Brian ordered us some pizza from La Bella Pizza, so we take a quick break to eat.  After the break, we ask if they thought about any other location than Chula Vista.


Brian’s game:  Answer in Rhyme, answer the question by using rhymes.

  • This brewer ended his employment with 32 North.
  • How many punks are there?
  • This magical beer ingredient eats sugar and farts alcohol.
  • Who is the biggest, by production, independent brewery in San Diego County?
  • This type of beer souring is super fast, sometimes overnight.
  • This brewery just dropped “Street” from their name.
  • This device helps transfer beer from tank to tank.
  • In beer, this ingredient is used for bittering and antiseptic qualities.
  • The brewer used to work at Alesmith and Mikkeller and recently helped you MF’ers.
  • I (Brian) built the tasting room for this North Park brewery.
  • This guy is famous for wearing monkey shirts when he decides to wear a shirt.
  • It’s a season, it’s what happens when you trip, it’s the cheers of the San Diego brewing industry, and that MF’er used to work there (points to Ivan.)
  • This brewery makes Mongo.
  • This is the fastest craft brewery packaging.
  • This is the brewery that purchased Alpine.
  • This brewery is on Morena Blvd., near Costco, and features a giant, lighted, bright orange sign.
  • We did a lot more with the money than just flying an airplane about this brewery.
  • The brewery recently released the official beer of San Diego.
  • This brewery is in El Cajon and features one of the best tasting room managers in the biz.
  • Bonus question:  This Brewer has been with Karl Strauss for 18 years.

Greg’s game:  OR Game from Dorktown Podcast and The Perfect Pour

  • Sample:  Double IPA OR Triple IPA
  • Keg Party OR Bottle Share
  • Pumpkin Beers OR Christmas Beers
  • Carne Asada Chips OR Carne Asada Fries
    • Favorite Mexican spot?
  • If forced to go to a mall, Chula Vista Mall OR Plaza Bonita

In the News!

  • NEW BREWERY ALERT! Kairoa Brewing Company (was Long Cloud) will be opening up in Mid-2018.  4601 Park Blvd, corner of Park & Madison.  Owners from New Zealand and Red House Pizza from next door will handle kitchen in Kairoa.  More info here.
  • Oeuvre Artisan Ales will be contract brewing inside Intergalactic.  Ted & Franchesca Apollo will be brewing line of beers fermented with Brettanomyces.  More info here.
  • Green Flash is going to Lincoln, Nebraska.  Bought the brewery from Ploughshare Brewing Co. who closed in July.
  • What’s on Draft will be syndicated on “DrnkTV” a LA-based station.
  • AB-InBev “The High End” eliminates around 400 jobs from around the US.  Being chalked up to redundancy; regional managers/sales/distribution let go.  Read more here and here.

I Do Declare!

Thank you, The Perfect Pour, Colin Salmon, Tait Campbell, Ken Lierman, Chris Bush, Tony Bagz, Tom Keliinoi, Nick Shields, Ryan DeBusk, West Coaster, Dave V, Roger Smith, Captain Eli, Craftbeeray, Vance Arthurs, Bill Benzel, Alana Gomez, Patrick Zacharias, Ryan Fowler, Greg Nagel, Neil Halpin, John Allegretti, Scott Schmalbach, Brian Goold, Matt Landes, Cyrus B, Ben, and NEW! Hoppy Craftsmen Podcast! (Nate, Jeff, & Chris).

After Hours Show!

Before we unplugged everything, I was talking with Steve and we realized there were a few things we didn’t talk about during the show.  I asked a listener question that then moved into Steve letting us know he does open for soccer and football games.  Also, we find out that crowlers are not available.

Where to find our guests:

Thr3e Punk Ales:
FaceBook: facebook.com/3PunkAles
Instagram: @Thr3ePunkAles_Brewing
Twitter: @Thr3ePunkAles
Website: www.3punkales.com

This episode was recorded live at Thr3e Punk Ales.

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