Episode #109: Mission Valley Craft Beer & Food Festival, Part 2


We come back and finish up our interviews at the Mission Valley Craft Beer & Food Festival.  Before the show starts, we recorded from a future podcast the news from last week.  Even though we try and get all the news, we did miss a “New Brewery Alert” in the news, Smoking Cannon Brewery in Ramona.  Also after recording the results of the Los Angeles International Beer Competition came out.  22 San Diego #IndieBeer breweries won 58 medals! 21 Gold, 19 Silver, 18 Bronze.

In The News

  • Benchmark to open a tasting room in Bay Park later this year. Located at 4112 Napier Street, the future sampling space will provide indoor and outdoor options for patrons. There will be roughly 1,000 square feet of interior space, outfitted with roll-up windows giving way to the street. An additional 1,500 square feet of space will be provided via an outdoor backyard patio of sorts.
  • Home Brewing Co. expanding the tasting room and adding a patio.  Probably with Brian building it.
  • New Brewery Alert! Chula Vista Brewery will have its grand opening on Cinco De Mayo. Located at 294 3rd Ave in Chula Vista. They may soft open at any time.

Alex Van Horne and Jake Collins – Intergalactic Brewing Company

We are joined by podcasting veterans Alex and Jake.  We first tangent our way to how cans and bottles should be dated.  Finally, we do catch up with what Intergalactic is up to and their anniversary party.  Since by the time you hear this the party is over, we do talk about the “May The Fourth” event also happening at their tasting room.  We talk Star Wars and hazy beers as well.

Intergalactic Brewing:
Twitter: @GalacticBrew
Instagram: @galacticbrew
FaceBook: facebook.com/IntergalacticBrew/
Website: www.intergalacticbrew.com

Dylan Brown – Alpine Beer Co.

Dylan is the tasting room manager at Alpine.  Before we get going one of the volunteers shows up to make sure we have enough ice, so we got him on the mic for a second.  Then, getting back to Dylan, we find out Bad Boy will be bottled on Cinco de Mayo.  Alpine will also be canning around the June/July timeframe.  As things happen at these live shows, we are joined by our next guests while interviewing Dylan…

Alpine Beer Co.:
Twitter: @AlpineBeerCo
Instagram: @AlpineBeerCo
Facebook: facebook.com/pages/alpinebeercompany/
Website: www.alpinebeerco.com

Jeff Wiederkehr and Mike Maass – Burning Beard Brewing Co.

At this point we swap back and forth between Dylan, Jeff, and Mike.  We ask Dylan about hosting a private party at Alpine then we move into the one-year anniversary party at Burning Beard.  Then back to Dylan about the really cool retro Alpine school bus.  And then back to Burning Beard, they talk about “Beard Week” that will be coming up in November.  Finally, I take a small shot at Ian Anderson for his article, “From cult brand to everyday beer.”

Burning Beard Brewing:
Twitter: @beard_aflame
Instagram: @burning.beard.brewing
FaceBook: facebook.com/BurningBeardBrewing/
Website: www.burningbeardbrewing.com

I Do Declare!

Thank you, The Perfect Pour, Colin Salmon, Tait Campbell, Ken Lierman, Chris Bush, Mitch Tantrum, Tony Bagz, Aaron Graham, Tom Keliinoi, Nick Shields, Ryan DeBusk, Eddie Martin, West Coaster, Roger Smith, Captain Eli, Craftbeeray, and Vance for the beers sent to us!

This episode was recorded at Mission Valley Craft Beer & Food Festival.

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