Episode #104: New English Brewing Co.


We are very happy to be invited to do a show at “San Diego’s Most Underrated Brewery” New English Brewing Co.  We are joined by the husband and wife team of Simon Lacey and Nina O’Hara-Lacey.  Will this be “The Most Underrated Episode” ever?  Hope you enjoy!


We get some insight on how Simon got started in the industry and how Nina has been very accepting of his carer change.  From there we get into how the New English brewing system started and how it has grown.  After a few of the technical specs of the brewhouse, we mention we are in their packaging room.  That led into a discussion about distribution and how New English is one of the breweries that is heavy distributed in bottles and bars.  While other breweries have found it tough when the market switched from strong bottled beer sales to now mainly tasting room sales, New English has found a way to to be successful in both areas.  We get back into some of the technical parts of the brewery and ask Simon what his favorite beer is to brew and his best selling beers.  Simon even gives us a glimpse into the recipes of a few of those beers.

After a break we come back with some Chocotaso!  Yes, it is back, ChewYourBeer sent us the regular Chocotaso and the coffee variant.  You’ll hear all of our opinions of each beer.  Brian wants to know what is the best part of being a brewer is for Simon.  Then we delve into the title of “San Diego’s Most Underrated Brewery.”  Throughout the show we also had a few listeners questions.

  • Josh B (Twitter: sandieGOlakers) – Why did he pick Sorrento Valley to start a brewery?
  • Derek Gillespie (Twitter: derekgillespie) – how do his bottles retain such a low price point in grocery stores? And the beer is delicious!
  • Thad Hart (Twitter: theonemanzone) – Ask Simon how his taste in beer and what he likes to brew has changed since opening his brewery.

In The News!

  • Quantum Brewing’s grand RE-opening started on March 15th.  Martin Beaulieu acquired the business. If listening to this on Monday, the rest of the events are:
    • Mon., March 20 | Cheese & Food Pairing: Le Bistro de Louisa chef will lead 6 p.m. pairing
    • Tue., March 21 | Trivia Night: A tournament with prizes for top performers starts at 7 p.m.
    • Wed., March 22 | Cask Tapping: A first-ever cask of Pale’s Constant will be tapped at 6 p.m.
  • Second Chance Beer building North Park tasting room.  1,820 square feet with 24 taps, capacity for roughly 100 people.  4045 30th Street, steps north and across the street from Toronado San Diego.
  • Bill Batten resigns from Mikkeller SD.  Creative differences among Bill and Mikkeller.  Not happy about the weekly can releases.  No mention of where he will go to.
  • Brewers Association Releases Top 50 Breweries of 2016 – Stone Brewing #9 (#17 overall) – Green Flash #37 (46) – Karl Strauss #41.  Entire list here.
  • Combining a collective passion for craft beer, partners Mitch Steele, Carey Falcone and Bob Powers will bring a “New Realm” to Atlanta’s brewing community later this year. Currently Steele is busy developing recipes and has shared that craft fans can “count on IPAs being poured at New Realm as well as barrel-aged beers and traditional lagers”.  20,000 square foot space located at 820 Ralph McGill Avenue in the growing Beltline area. In addition to our production brewery, we will have a restaurant, as well as both a rooftop bar and an outdoor beer garden.
  • Speakeasy Ales & Lagers Ceases Operations – Started 1997 in San Francisco. forced to immediately cease brewing, packaging, and tap room operations at their San Francisco brewery for an indefinite period of time. Difficulty securing capital investment and outstanding debt obligations led to this difficult and painful decision. The company’s primary creditor will determine the future of the brewery and brand, and no decision or further information is available at this time.

I Do Declare!

Thank you The Perfect Pour, Colin Salmon, Tait Campbell, Ken Lierman, Chris Bush, Mitch Tantrum, Tony Bagz, Aaron Graham, Tom Keliinoi, Nick Shields, Ryan DeBusk, Eddie Martin, West Coaster, Roger Smith, Captain Eli, Craftbeeray, and ChewYourBeer for the Chocotaso!

Where to find our guests:

New English Brewing Co.:
Twitter: @NewEnglishBrew
Instagram: @newenglishbrewing
FaceBook: facebook.com/newenglishbrewing/
Website: www.newenglishbrewing.com

This episode was recorded at New English Brewing Co.

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