Episode #76: Thr3e Punk Ales Brewing Co.



This week we are joined by Steve Garcia from Thr3e Punk Ales.  They are in a holding pattern right now as they build out their Chula Vista brewery and tasting room.


We start with asking why Steve and the other Punks, John Marshall & Kevin Lewis, named the brewery Thr3e Punks.  We’ll get to more of the “punk” aspect of it later in the show.  Moving onto the area of San Diego where they will be at, Chula Vista.  Steve talks more on why Chula Vista and South Bay is important to him and why he chose there versus North Park, or other brewery hot spots in San Diego.  During that conversation we find out the building was a Men’s Warehouse and that leads into some issues during the build out.  Moving on in the Chula Vista conversation, Brian brings up the #SouthBayUprising hash tag.  Some great South Bay breweries and companies are banding together to build a positive message about South Bay and being a destination for craft beer.  That leads into talk about the South Bay Craft Beer Brewers Guild.  Seeing how both Brian and I spent a lot of our life in South Bay, for different reasons, this talk about Chula Vista turns into a side conversation about Eastlake and construction talk.  Getting back on track, we delve into how and why Thr3e Punk Ales wanted to collaborate with bands.

We take a break and come back to Brian talking about what his thoughts are on opening a brewery.  After some talking about how the culture is in San Diego opening a brewery, we move onto In the News!

In the News!

  • Biochemist Martin Beaulieu taking over at Quantum Brewing.  Martin might change the name.  Article by San Diego Reader.
  • Little Miss Brewing is open!  7949 Stromesa Court, Suite Y, San Diego, CA 92126
  • One of our #SDBeer writers is having a baby!  You could guess, but it’s Beth Demon.  Congrats!
  • Vista location of Belching Beaver (we assume) is for sale, rumor is Legacy is in talks.  See the classified here.


Travis Hudson (craftbeerluv619) calls in!

Listener Questions!

Michael Carter Who were your favorite classmates in the SDSU program?

Ian Cheesman What do you say to the rumors that originally there was a fourth punk, but he was discarded for suggesting they release a shandy?

Cody Thompson Favorite local punk bands from the 1990s, and ask about the San Diego Punk message board.

Tony Raso Why would they choose Chula? Nobody likes that place.

Will Keizer Ask Steve when he is coming north of the 94 to drink beer with me

Timmy Farol Did they consider opening in Chula Vista so i dont have to drive north of the 8?

David Lotz Ask them off I am still not welcome when they open due to some dumb Facebook disagreement that I can’t even remember

Josh Hembree Does Thr3e Punk Ales Brewing Co. Make Three-Penis Wine

Josh Hembree And is there fourth punk like there was a fifth Beatle?

Aaron Garcia What bands are they going to be collaborating with in the future? Also, will we see Thr3e Punk Ales cans or bottles first?

Travis Hudson Who is more punk AC Slater or Erkel? And who is your second favorite classmate? And when are you opening, so I don’t have to answer the same f***ing question 20 times/weekend? Socks on, or off?

I Do Declare!

Thank you The Perfect Pour, Tait Campbell, Ken Lierman, Amy (and Rudy) Pollorena, Chris Bush, Mitch Tantrum, Aaron Graham, Tom Keliinoi, and Nick Shields!

Where to find our guests:

Thr3e Punk Ales Brewing Co.:
Twitter: @thr3epunkales
Instagram: @thr3epunkales_brewing
FaceBook: facebook.com/3PunkAles/
Website: www.3punkales.com

This episode was recorded at The Brew Project.

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