Episode #70: When Horse Blanket Goes Bad, Sweaty Mouse…



This week we talk with Alex Van Horne from Intergalactic Brewing and Sam and Rob Dufau from 2Kids Brewing about Sour Mashing.  We get into the differences with kettle souring versus mixed fermentation.  We ask Alex how it was working with Home Brewing Co. and Kilowatt Brewing on the 1st Anniversary beer for SD BeerTalk.  If you want to try it, Kilowatt is still producing it under the name S3.  We delve into Alex’s history with brewing sour beers and then go into the beers Sam and Rob have brewed recently.  That turns into a talk about procedure and some of the main sour beers on the market.  With any talk about sour beers there’s always a talk about the smells.  Somehow “Sweaty Mouse” comes into the conversation, thanks Brian for the title of this episode.  Brian asks about the most common strains of Lactobacillus, which are Buchneri, Brevis, Delbrueckii, & Plantarum to name a few of them.

We take an impromptu change of conversation while Alex goes and gets a beer so we talk about how Brian is doing in the SDSU Craft Beer Program.  I have a case of Foot-in-Mouth syndrome and ask if Abnormal is nano, that tangents the talk to who is nano (or pico) in San Diego.  We talk about cultivating strains of Lacto which brings up my second Foot-in-Mouth statement where I confuse culturing Lacto and propagating wild yeast.  Luckily a little bit of humor comes in when Brian tells a story about a friend drinking compost juice.  After a short break (pizza arrived) we come back and open up an Anderson Valley Briney Melon Gose that has a “Moose-Bear” on it.  Oh but wait, I’m wrong again, it’s really a “Bear-Deer” aka Beer.  The brewers talk a little about the possible lack of depth with some sours.  And we finish with giving props to the Milk the Funk Wiki and Website.


In the News!

  • Another one bites the dust, Pacific Brewing has closed.
  • SEC Filing Indicates $90 Million VMG Investment in Stone Brewing.  Is this the start of the True Craft funding?
  • US Open Beer Championships
    • Bronze English Pale Ale – California Kolsch – BP
    • Gold IPA – Stingray – Coronado
    • Gold ESB – California Amber – BP
    • Bronze Schwarzbier – Schwarzbier – BP Little Italy
    • Gold Baltic Porter – BP Baltic Porter – BP Little Italy
    • Silver Coffer Beer – Imperial Blue Bridge – Coronado
    • Gold “Out of Bounds” IPA – Grapefruit Sculpin – BP
    • Bronze Experimental Beer – Cali Creamin’ – Mother Earth
    • Gold Near Gluten Free Beer – Delicious IPA – Stone
  • Hillcrest and Karl Strauss are helping the victims and families in Orlando. Beer named All You Need Is Love. Other breweries involved: Chuck Alek Brewing, Gordon Biersch Brewery, South Park Brewery, Intergalactic Brewing Company, Second Chance Beer Co., Belching Beaver Brewery, Wavelength Brewing, Border X Brewing, Bagby Beer Company, Amplified Ale Works, Mission Brewery, Duck Foot Brewing, Mother Earth Brewing, 2Kids Brewing Company, and AleSmith Brewing Company.  All the beers will be available at Monkey Paw on July 21st! 100% of the proceeds go to benefit victims of the Orlando tragedy
  • Hess Fest 2016 discount!  Use code SDBEERTALK for 25% off ANY ticket for Hess Fest.  Thank you so much to the entire Hess Brewing family for the support of the show.


Travis (craftbeerluv619) calls in twice, one voicemail I forgot about,

I Do Declare!

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This episode was recorded at Intergalactic Brewing.

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