Episode #68: North Park Craft Beer Block, Part 1


You’ll hear Mike Beebe on Part 2.


Just over a month ago Greg and Tom (from What’s on Draft) went to the Craft Beer Block inside the SDCCU Festival of Arts in North Park.  The festival promotes the arts while raising money for North Park Main Street, the non-profit organization committed to the revitalization of the North Park Business Improvement District.  Festivals are also so great because we have a ton of brewing talent to choose from and we some great interviews.  In total there was around three hours of interviews so we broke it all up into two shows.  Enjoy Part 1!

The Interviews:

Carli Smith – Rock Bottom La Jolla (website)

Carli is always great to talk to.  We get an update on what’s going on in the brewery since we talked at the Mission Valley Craft Beer & Food Festival.  We give Ben some crap for taking a vacation and leaving Carli all alone at the brewery.  Don’t worry, she’s got a plan to get him back.  We also ask Carli about the $20 beer challenge.  We are joined by Marty Rockwell from Rock 105.3/iHeartRadio for a quick minute.  He chooses to talk about Bud changing its name to America, so we spend a little bit of time on that subject.  We end the conversation with Tom talking about Sleepaway Brew Co.  Can you get a brewhouse on a surfboard?

Aleks Kostka – Culture Brewing (website) & Tom’s Roommate Jeff

Tom starts the conversation with asking Aleks about the barrels they have down at Culture in Ocean Beach.  We sidetrack off to a conversation about karaoke.  And then back to barrels and a conversation about Gluten-reduced beers and using Clarity Ferm/Brewer’s Clarex.  After a quick tease about a third location, Culture is also selling some wine barrels.  This was a month ago, so call them and see if any are still available.  Finally we give Aleks the $20 challenge.

Austin Copeland & Shaver (Clinton Shaver) – Hillcrest Brewing Company  (website)

Seeing how Tom forced them to come on the show, this interview is quite a crazy one.  It’s a couple minutes before we really get to a valid question.  Austin starts talking about some collaboration beers with various breweries around town.  That turns into a conversation on distribution on their beers and how the Hillcrest community has come to love craft beer.  As I said this interview is crazy so we go off on a security guard and hipster tangent.  I try to reel it back and ask Shaver how he got his name.  We start talking about weird yeast beers and this then goes off onto a strange tangent.  Kelsey from North Park Brewing makes an appearance and then it’s more tangents.  Eventually we do ask them about their $20 challenge.  That seems to have broken the tangent train and the brewers on the panel start talking about the Brewers Guild and wet hopping.

In The News!

North Park Beer Co. is open!  Check them out at 3038 University Avenue on the corner of Ohio Street.  Congrats Kelsey!

SB-1426, a bill that would allow pay-to-play from manufacturers of alcohol.  Read up on it and talk to your council member.  Article from the West Coaster.

Anvil & Stave has opened up in Alesmith.  A separate bar and room for some of Alesmith’s best barrel-aged beers.  Article from the West Coaster’s Ian Cheesman.

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