Episode #58: Live at MVCBF, Part 2



We are live at the Mission Valley Craft Beer & Food Festival!  We start with a pre-show recording so I can catch you up on this last week’s news. Check out the news topics below.

The Interview:

We continue our live show at MVCBF and start with Dylan Brown, who works in the tasting room at Alpine Beer Company.  We talk about the transformation of the tasting room from the tiny room to taking over the Pub area.  Brian then reveals the “Back Hole” of the tasting room.  Dylan then talks about some of his favorite things about Alpine.  We are shortly interrupted buy someone taking Brian’s wife for more drinking.  Then we talk about why cans are better for beer.

We end with Dylan and then Alex Van Horne and Jake Collins from Intergalactic Brewing Company (Episode 15).  Alex is the owner and brewmaster and Jake is an assistant brewer and an employee who does everything.  We start by talking about the new tasting room and the new VIP room that will be opening up.  Find out what it takes to get into the VIP room, the answer might (not) surprise you.  We ask Alex for this top 3 (then top 5) breweries in San Diego.  Since Jake also is important, we ask him about some of his favorite beers.  This leads us into talking about Regents Pizzeria (Episode 32) and how thee are some “fake” craft beer joints.  Brian lists some of his favorite craft beer bars.  Eventually we dive into Brian’s new FaceBook beer group.

We are stopped in our tracks when a man is pushing his father in a wheel chair and the farther is a World War II veteran.  We appreciate the sacrifice and honor it takes to be a veteran of any war.  We are back to the new tasting room and then get into bad flavors in beer.  The bad flavors could be the brewery or the bar it goes into.  Alex and Jake talk more about selecting bars they distribute to and how they can be picky.

In The News!

Mikkeller Brewing San Diego is now open!  We were honored to be invited to the Friends and Family night last Friday.  There are some really good beers coming out of the new brewery, including some in the Beer Geek series of beers.

Green Flash Cellar 3 is starting a new Barrelmaster Reserve Series.  Lustrous Frumenty is the first beer to be released.  Between 600 and 1,800 bottles will be produced and released on May 21.  Each 750-milliliter bottle will go for $24.  More info on West Coaster.

Duck Foot Brewing has released bottles.  They now have The Looker, ChocoNut Lust, and The Contender in 22 oz. bottles.  Find them at Duck Foot or at a local bottle shop.

I Do Declare!

Thank you The Perfect Pour, Colin Salmon, Tait Campbell, Ken Lierman, Amy (and Rudy) Pollorena, Chris Bush, and Mitch Tastrom!

Where to find our guests:

Alex Van Horne:

Twitter: @GalacticBrew
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FaceBook: facebook.com/IntergalacticBrew/
Website: www.intergalacticbrew.com

Jake Collins:
Instagram: @jakewilliamscollinsthefirst

This episode was recorded during the Mission Valley Craft Beer & Food Festival.

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