Episode #53: Mikkeller San Diego

Mikkeller San Diego


We are lucky to have set up this podcast with Mikkeller San Diego while their COO Jacob Alsing was in town from Denmark.  We are also joined by Mikkeller SD’s head brewer Bill Batten.  Sit back and enjoy this short and sweet episode with, what we hope, is the next great San Diego brewery.

The Interview:

We start with Jacob discussing this history of Mikkeller and the owner and head brewer Mikkel Borg Bjergsø.  We then get into how Mikkeller ended up opening in the old AleSmith brewery.  Bill touches on how the layout of the brewery has changed since it was AleSmith.  Jacob talks more about what the focus of Mikkeller SD will be.  Brian says that Mikkeller is bringing the world to San Diego, but Jacob disagrees and sees it the other way around.  We get more into recipes and what it is like for Bill to take recipes from Mikkel and translate it to the old AleSmith brewing system and to U.S. measurements.  We delve into the brewing staff that they have hired, Chris, Daniel, and Ben.

The Grand Opening will be April 16, 2016 with a big party and a 10k Mikkeller Running Club run!

Listener Questions:

Chris Bush – Will you continue your tradition of collaboration, and bringing guest brewers to San Diego?  Can someone please kidnap Shaun Hill and bring him here?

Mike Lindeblad – Will there be a bottle shop?  How about the running club?

Paul McGuire – Do they expect to have any guest beer?

Alex Van Horne (Intergalactic Brewing) – When are they going to ask me to brew with them?

Rudy Pollorena (CraftBeerd) – Being in San Diego, are there different styles of beer you are going to brew outside of your norm?

Finn Parker – With the common misconception that Mikkeller only makes extreme beers, how are they going to influence the minds and palates of the public moving forward?

Robert Esparza – Ask him if he wants to join us at Mission Valley Craft Beer and Food Festival as my guest.

Amy June – Ask them why we are not getting any of the extreme beers that they are so known for. I know he is the “gypsy brewer” so those collabs are often way out of left field. But if they are going to just add to the IPA game, I won’t be in a hurry to visit.

Jay Sanders – What beer they are most looking forward to releasing to the SD community?

Travis Hudson – Do brewers have good luck charms it superstitious things when they brew?

I Do Declare!

Thank you The Perfect Pour, Colin Salmon, Tait Campbell, Ken Lierman, & Amy (and Rudy) Pollorena!

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This episode was recorded at Mikkeller San Diego.

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