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Episode 50 is out!  We can not believe that we are at 50 already, it seems like we just finished recording our show with Hess back on Episode 1.  Thank you to everyone who has listened to the show!   In this episode we have Cosimo Sorrentino, the hard brewer of Monkey Paw Brewing AND South Park Brewing.  It’s not everyday you see someone brewing beers for two breweries.

The Interview:

Like most shows, we start at the beginning and ask Cosimo where it all began.  He talks about homebrewing, meeting Scot Blair (the founder of Monkey Paw, South Park, Hamiltons, and Small Bar) and getting his job as head brewer of these two breweries.  We shortly discuss something about a monkey suit and then dive into why you might not find the beers you like overtime you visit Monkey Paw.  We move into talking about 2nd Saturday and what that is.

After a beer break Cosimo continues to talk about his process with brewing the beers you find at Monkey Paw.  Collaborations have also been a big part to Cosimo’s philosophy and success.  Every now and then Monkey Paw does a homebrew competition, so keep a lookout for that.  What about fruit beers and coffee beers?  Then the elephant in the room gets talked about, the 10 Barrel brewpub opening up nearby.  You might be surprised what Cosimo thinks of this and what his main issue with it really is.  And what the heck is #IndieGuilt?

In the News!

Alesmith needs your help building the Tony Gwynn museum. On Generosity by Indiegogo, you can pledge funds and get some cool gifts.  You can get signed baseball cards, shirts, custom bricks, and custom tiles.  Article by the West Coaster.

Thr3e Punk Ales has signed a lease in Chula Vista.  They were brewing out of Butcher’s Brewing.  The address will be 259 Third Avenue.  Article by the West Coaster.

Congrats to Pure Brewing for their first off site account, The Brew Project!  Badlands (an SD Pale) will be on tap there soon.

Stone Farms will be closing.  It will close in March so you still have a few weeks to get up there.  Article by the West Coaster.

Big Rumor: Cigar City rumored to sell to AB InBev.  Article by The Full Pint.


Travis (craftbeerluv619) calls again and asks brewers what music they listen to while brewing.  He also asks how much we prepare for the show.

I Do Declare!

Thank you The Perfect Pour, Colin Salmon, & Tait Campbell.

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Twitter: @monkeypawbrew

South Park Brewing:
FaceBook: facebook.com/southparkbrewco/
Instagram: @southparkbrewco
Twitter: @southparkbrewco

This episode was recorded at Monkey Paw.

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