Episode #49: Pariah Brewing & Going from Homebrew to Pro



We are joined this week by our friend and new brewery owner Brian Mitchell.  Brian Mitchell will be opening Pariah Brewing this Fall and be one of the first breweries to open up at the new Brewery Ignitor building in North Park.  Since the brewery is in its early stages of opening up and many details are not available, we decided to ask for Brian’s help and do a show about homebrewing and going from homebrewing to professional brewing.

The Interview:

As we should, we start at the beginning and talk about things a person who has not homebrewed should purchase and what kind of cost they should be looking at.  While this is a fun hobby for many, with the correct attitude and proper care of their equipment, we find it can be very rewarding.  We delve into the differences between kegging your homebrew versus bottling it.  That leads us to talk about carbonation in both types of containers.  Brian opens up a bottle of this Wild Ale that he will sell at Pariah.  We move onto making sure your equipment is clean and some ways professionals and homebrewers keep their items clean and sterile.

After the break we do a small blind tasting of Green Flash’s Tangerine Soul Style IPA and Latitude 33’s Blood Orange IPA.  We ask Brian Mitchell how to go from homebrewing to “pro” and how to scale up the batches of beer.  One thing I did not realize was when you grow as a professional brewery to a certain level, the equipment you buy may come with help from the manufacturer.  We have a side conversation about that 10 Barrel brewpub and how the public can go to the February 17th meeting by Civic San Diego to oppose (or support) the opening of this brewpub.  We also start talking about the buyouts, however after that we get back into the main topic and talk about what it takes to get a job at a brewery.  Finally we ask a listener question about creating a lager at home.

If you think we missed any questions or if you have any questions for another homebrew show, please E-mail us!

In the News!

Pariah Brewing Company coming to North Park.  Article from the West Coaster

February 17th is the meeting for the proposed 10 Barrel brewpub opening downtown.  Civic San Diego website.

Black Plague Brewing opening in Vista around the middle of 2016.  Article from the West Coaster.

Green Flash in Compare.com Pre-Super Bowl Commercial!  See the video here.

Bonus Content!

Brian Mitchell’s Recipe for an American Extra Special Bitter

  • 88% Two-Row Malt (11 lbs.)
  • 12% Crystal 60 Malt (1.5 lbs.)
  • Target Gravity: 1.060
  • Target Efficiency: 80%
  • Target IBUs: 50
  • Columbus Hops for Bittering
  • 2:1 Ratio of East Kent Golding (2 oz.) & Cascade Hops (1 oz.) during flame-out
  • Use the other 1 oz. of Cascade for dry-hopping
  • White Labs WLP007 Yeast
  • Around 6.0% ABV

I Do Declare!

Thank you The Perfect Pour and Colin Salmon.

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This episode was recorded at the home of Brian Mitchell.

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