Episode #47: Iron Fist Brewing Co.

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“We are family!”  Well, that’s the feel of our next interview, Iron Fist Brewing Co.  This brewery is owned by Greg and Eve Sieminski and their son Brandon is the head brewer.  We talk with Eve and Brandon this episode.

The Interview:

Eve and Brandon talk about the history of not just the brewery but also Vista as it was back then.  Indie Beer was quite different five years ago.  One big thing about Iron Fist is that it is a family business to its core.  While the brewery is family-owned, the employees feel very much like family as well.  We delve into their brewing system at Vista and their custom bottling line.  They also talk about opening in Barrio Logan and how it was not originally agreed upon as a viable spot.  Brandon talks more about his love for brewing and how he started when he was 18.  The big thing, as we’ve heard about from other brewers, is that cleaning your equipment is one of the biggest things you can do to be consistent.

We take a small break and come back talking about their types of beers.  One of their beers is one you do not see a lot of in San Diego, their Spice of Life, a Bière de Garde.  Moving on, we talk about customer service and customer feedback and what Iron Fist does with that feedback.  Brandon talks more about how their carbonate and filter their bottles and kegs.  We end with talking more about their involvement with homebrewer Ken Schmidt.

What’s Tappening

We talk about our past week (or so) of drinking.

I Do Declare!

Thank you The Perfect Pour and Colin Salmon.

Listener Questions!

Mike & Sara – apintofhoppiness (Instagram) – Is their brewery name a reference to the Motorhead song?

Rafael Guerrero – rafaguer (Instagram) – Considering the demographic. Are they making an Horchata beer?!

Where to find our guests:

Iron Fist Brewing Co.:
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/IronFistBrewing/
Instagram: @ironfistbrewing
Twitter: @ironfistbrewing
Website: ironfistbrewing.com

This episode was recorded inside Iron Fist Brewing Co.

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