Episode #46: Pure Project

Reclaimed wood and live moss on the wall.

Reclaimed wood and live moss on the wall.

UPDATE!  Pure Project has let us know that their license is approved and they can open their doors!  Opening day will be January 30th!  To keep up to date, sign up for their mailing list at www.purebrewing.org.


Pure Project is a little different from most breweries in San Diego.  They joined up with The Brewery Igniter program from H.G. Fenton.  In short The Brewery Igniter allows breweries to start their business while not having to worry about finding a location or building out the “back of the house.”  The brewery is responsible for the “front of the house,” building out the tasting room and putting in the beer lines.  However this allows the brewery to start with a little less capital and starts with new equipment.

The Interview:

We sit down with the partner Jesse Pine, partner Mat Robar, and brewer Winslow Sawyer.  Jesse moved with his wife to Costa Rica and found that craft beer was not huge there.  They went to a beer festival and saw the need for craft breweries in Costa Rica.  However due to the amount of money it would take to import what’s needed to brew and the lack of a proper waste water plant, it was not going to happen.  They knew craft beer was big in San Diego and found out about The Brewery Igniter program and things just fell into place.  Jesse talks more on how the relationship between TBI and PP came to be.

We move onto Winslow and he talks about how he came to be a brewer.  Starting up in Santa Cruz after college he joined Boulder Creek Brewery as an assistant brewer but soon became the head brewer.  Unfortunately that brewery had a huge fire that left him out of work.  His job search ended up in San Diego where he met Jesse and Mat.  His degree is Sustainable Agriculture so we eventually get into how that ties into brewing and how this helps with Pure Projects’ goal of using sustainable resources, giving back to the community with their 1% program, and making sure nothing goes to waste.

We dive into “Beeramar” and what it is like opening a place in a heavy populated part of San Diego’s beer scene.  Winslow talks about their beers, Kolsch, Gose, Coffee Stout on Nitro, Session Rye, IPA, Imperial Baltic Porter, Saison, and some funky beer.

In The News!

Thorn St. Brewing is expanding!  They are opening up another location in Barrio Logan and will be brewing there.  This allows them to keep up with the demand of their beers.  Story by the West Coaster.

Bitter Bothers Brewing is in their soft opening period.  Visit them in Bay Park at 4170 Morena Blvd.

A brewery that almost no one knows existed is opening up a tasting room after brewing for three years.  Kensington Brewing Company will open on January 23rd.  Article by SD Reader.

What’s Tappening

We talk about our past week (or so) of drinking.

I Do Declare!

Thank you The Perfect Pour and Colin Salmon.

Listener Questions!

Robert Esparza – mvcbfsd (Twitter) – Do you know of & will you be attending MVCBFF?

David Crane – doggiebeerbones (Twitter) – Will your facility be dog friendly?  If so, do you have any interest in selling Doggie Beer Bones?  Do you have any plans to address wastewater treatment/conservation?

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This episode was recorded inside Pure Project.

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