Episode #45: Live at Alpine Beer Company Pub



We were very lucky and somehow we convinced Alpine to let us record LIVE at their new Pub.  We get to interview six different Alpine/Green Flash people.

The Show:

We start the show with two guys who have been on the show before.  Dave Adams from Green Flash and Bobby Mathews from Alpine Beer Co.  We talk about their jobs at their respected companies.  We do get into breweries buyouts and the usual back and forth opinions it.  Talking about buyouts, of course Green Flash bought Alpine and we discuss the Green Flash & Alpine bottle controversy?  We also talk all about the opinion that the Green Flash-brewed Alpine beer is “not as good” as the previously Alpine-brewed beer.  Speaking of Green Flash-beer, let’s talk about Jolly Folly.  Dave and Bobby talk about how Jolly Folly was made, you think you know how it happened.

Next we move on to some segments we haven’t talked about on the show.  We are then joined by Shawn McIlhenney and Scott Holst.  Shawn is the head brewer and Scott is the assistant brewer.  Shawn also happens to be the son of the founder, Pat McIlhenney.  We talk with them about how the purchase of Alpine to Green Flash and how the new Pub has changed the brewery and given it more space.  Since we have two brewers on the show we talk about the brewing process.  We ask why Alpine beers seem to have a focus on flavors of hops and not only bitterness.  They talk about their new single-hop beer, Singled Out.

We thought this show was a little bit of a guy’s show so we are joined next by the Chef at the Pub, Jamie Holst and the tasting room manager, Natalie Davis.  We talk about their jobs with Alpine.  Get ready to get hungry, cause we are going to talk a lot of about the food at the Pub.  We also talk about the renovated tasting room now that the Pub has moved.

In The News!

Modern Times has been expanding. Recently showed off new 360bbl brite tanks, 240bbl fermenters on social media.

Courtesy of SD Reader – Eight breweries opening soon in 2016.

Knotty Barrel to open Knotty Brewing in April.  No head brewer yet, but they do have Rich Haley who has managerial, sales, and brewing experience.  He is from Ciro’s Pizza.

What’s Tappening

We talk about our past week (or so) of drinking.

I Do Declare!

The Perfect Pour for their Patreon pledge!

Listener Questions!

Manuel Lizarraga – sdbeergeeks (Instagram) – This is a recipe development question: all their beers tend to finish dry, have a high hop profile (which we all totally love), is there a similar malt profile throughout their beer as I doubt I change their IPA yeast? That allows their different hop blends to be showcased?

Travis Hudson – craftbeerluv619 (Instagram) – What is Alpine’s next sour?

socalbrewcrew (Instagram) – Which SD brewery would Alpine love to collaborate with to make another awesome beer?


William emailed us to respond to the “In the News” short we released.  He wanted to correct me on a my rant about the Cramer interview with Sands.  Sands did mention the name of the IPA as Sculpin.

Where to find our guests:

Dave Adams – Gren Flash Brewing Co.:
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/daveadams.greenflash
Instagram: @grizzly_adams_had_beard
FaceBook GF: facebook.com/GreenFlashBrew/
Instagram GF: @greenflashbeer
Twitter GF: @GreenFlashBeer
Website GF: www.greenflashbrew.com/

Bobby Mathews – Alpine Beer Company:
Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Alpine-Beer-Company/
Twitter: @AlpineBeerCo
Instagram: @AlpineBeerCo
Website: www.alpinebeerco.com

Shawn McIlhenney – Alpine Beer Company:
Instagram: @alpineshawn

Scott Holst – Alpine Beer Company:
Instagram: @brewboy619

This episode was recorded inside the Alpine Beer Company Pub.

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