Episode #41: Green Flash Cellar 3



Hey Sours and Barrel Heads, you will love this awesome episode!  We talk with Jesse Smith and Dave Adams from Green Flash about Cellar 3 and the barrel-aged and funky beers they brew.


Jesse is the Green Flash Cellar 3 Tasting Room Manager and Certified Cicerone, (or is it a Certified Chicharrón?) and Dave is the Director of Beer Education and Certified Cicerone.  We talk to the both of them about what Cellar 3 is and why it is a separate building.  They do things like have bands play in the barrel area, they have artist show their artwork on the walls, and an improv group performance.  They also do the Holiday Marketplace on December 12th where they invite people to showcase their holiday craft creations and sell them.  During this marketplaces, Green Flash will release their newest Cellar 3 beer, Natura Morta Cherry!

We talk a little about wood spirals versus wood chips.  You might remember the Green Flash restaurant in Pacific Beach, they explain how that relationship was.  Jesse talks about how Cellar 3 gets their beer from Mira Mesa to Poway in 550 gallon totes and how their use their foeders.   We also mention Chuck Silva and how Green Flash is dealing with Chuck leaving the company.  Luckily Green flash has Erik Jensen to take over the reins.  Dave gives an insight on how Erik and Chuck have some history together and the interesting twist of how close-knit the San Diego beer industry can be.

Questions from Fans!

Paul Maguire – San Diego Hop Addict – Can we expect any fun fruit variants of Blanc tarte barrique in the future?

Michael De Hootch – Beer Alien & Adam Veith – @NotTheFakeAFV – Will there be a Cellar 3-like room in Virginia?  Also will there be Alpine Beer there?

Mike and Sara – A Pint of Hoppiness@PintofHoppiness – Is there anywhere in town you can find aged or vintage GF releases like Barleywine, Rayon Vert, etc?

Jake Collins – Intergalactic Brewing@jakewilliamcollinsthefirst – What’s the most expensive barrel they’ve bought?  Do they ever try the wine/whiskey/whatever was in the barrel before they buy said barrel?

I Do Declare!

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Thank you West Coaster for the including us in your SD Beer on the Radio article!

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Green Flash Cellar 3:
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Jesse Smith:
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/homebrewedcreation
Instagram: @brewtaljuice

Dave Adams:
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/daveadams.greenflash
Instagram: @grizzly_adams_had_beard

This episode was recorded inside Green Flash Cellar 3.

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