Episode #40: Slater’s 50/50



Guess what?  Thanks to some HUGE news this week, you get two episodes this week.  We interview Scott Slater and Mark Schultz from Slater’s 50/50.


We first talk to Scott Slater about how Slater’s started up in Anaheim and how it came down to San Diego.  The leads us to talk about their craft beer program and talk to Mark Schultz who is officially known as the Beer Monger.   There are over 500 taps in their six locations.  For those who don’t know about Slater’s 50/50, their signature burger is 50% beef and 50% bacon.  And of course they add in more bacon on it.  Most of their dishes have bacon somewhere in them.

We then talk about their other restaurant S&M Sausage & Meat in “University North-Crest”.  We test Mark as the Beer Monger to pick Brian a beer.  Back to the burgers, we ask Scott if how he comes up with new burgers and if he has an employee burger competition.  And there something about a foie gras burger.  We also talk about the amazing care they take with their beer lines and the beer servers.  Every “front house” staff must at least be Cicerone Certified Beer Server.

We asked some listener questions.  Would you serve craft Sake?  What happened to the 50 Alarm Burger?  Is it coming back?  Would you stop selling beer from “corporate” beer?

Into the News:

Ballast Point sells to Constellation Brands for $1 Billion.  Constellation owns brands like Modelo, Corona, Pacifico.  AB InBev does own Constellation currently.  It is possible they will need to sell Constellation if AB InBev buys MillerCoors.  A sad, sad day in San Diego craft beer history.  More about this from a few sources:  West Coaster & Brew Bound.

What’s Tappening

We talk about our past week (or so) of drinking.

I Do Declare!

Congratulations to all the organizers of the San Diego Homebrew Festival and Competition.  It was their first year and the event went great!  A little rain at the end, but it was a beautiful say in the America’s Finest City.  There was some great homebrew and professional beer flowing.  Everyone needs to go next year!

Where to find our guests:

Scott Slater:
FaceBook: facebook.com/Slaters5050
Instagram: @Slaters5050
Twitter: @Slaters5050
Website: www.slaters5050.com

Mark Schultz:
Instagram: @5050Beermonger
Twitter: @5050Beermonger

This episode was recorded inside Slater’s 50/50.

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