Episode #39: The Lost Bacon Fest Episode


Doug Hasker (Gordon Biersch) & Carli Smith (Rock Bottom)


Bobby Mathews (Alpine Beer Co.)


From Left to Right: Dan Anderson & Courtney Druschen (Gordon Biersch), Austin Copeland (Hillcrest Brewing), & Derek Gallanosa (Abnormal Beer)


Greg Homyak (Host) & Dan Perez (Mash Heads)


Okay, the episode isn’t really lost, we’ve had this episode in the can for a while now.  We’ve just now had time to release it.  With the abundance of craft beer news not only in San Diego but the craft beer world, we always pushed this one back.  We recorded this from Bacon Fest back on September 5th, 2015.  Enjoy your trip back in time.

During the festival, we are tasked with tasting the best in show of all the food served at the festival.  You will hear some of that on the show.  We welcome many guests on the show and have a few co-hosts helping us out.  A full list is below.  We also sample a framboise from the yet-to-be-opened California Wild Ales brewery.

In the news:

At the time of this recording this was the current news we talked about on the show:

  • Brewery #112: Bay Bridge – Chula Vista – Jim Shirey & Doug Chase
  • Brewery #113: Second Chance Beer Co. – Carmel Mountain Ranch – Marty Mendiola
  • Brewery #114: Helix Brewing – La Mesa – Cameron Ball
  • Brewery #115: Magnetic Brewing – Kearny Mesa – Morgan McCarty

PB Alehouse Has re-opened after a fire – Fire occurred February 16th, Re-opened on July 10th, First batch brewed August 20th

Where to find our guests:

George Thornton – The Homebrewer & Home Brewing Co.:
Facebook: facebook.com/TheHomebrewerSD/
Twitter: @homebrewersd
Website: www.thehomebrewersd.com
Instagram: @homebrewingco
Facebook: facebook.com/HomeBrewingCo/
Website: www.homebrewingco.com

Daniel Perez – Mash Heads member
Website: www.mashheads.com

Vanessa Homyak – Greg’s Wife
Website: www.lajolladive.com

Bobby Mathews – Alpine Beer Company:
Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Alpine-Beer-Company/
Twitter: @AlpineBeerCo
Instagram: @AlpineBeerCo
Website: www.alpinebeerco.com

Doug Hasker – Gordon Biersch:
Facebook: facebook.com/GBSanDiego/
Twitter: @GordonBierschSD
Instagram: @SDGordonBiersch
Website: www.gordonbiersch.com/

Dan Anderson – Gordon Biersch:
Instagram: @dannnderson

Brian Mitchell – Professional Brewer & Friend of the show:
Instagram: @pariahbrewing
Untappd: @BMitchell

Carli Smith – Rock Bottom La Jolla:
Twitter: @carlismithsd
Instagram: @carlismithsd

Ben Webb – Rock Bottom La Jolla:
Twitter: @webbjamin
Instagram: @webbjamin

Daniel Cady – Twisted Manzanita Ales:
Facebook: facebook.com/twistedmanzanitaale
Twitter: @manzanitabrew
Instagram (Twisted Manzanita): @twistedmanzanita
Instagram (Personal): @brewerdan

This episode was recorded live at Bacon Fest!

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