Episode 30: How to Be a Better Beer Snob, Part 2



Are you a beer snob or know someone who you think is a beer snob?  We go over the “How to Be a Better Beer Snob” article from Thrillist with Alex and Jake from Intergalactic Brewing and Rob from 2kids Brewing.


After a short introduction about some current topics, we move onto Part 2 of Episode 30.  If you are wondering where Part 1 is, you can find it here:  Episode 30, Part 1.  Why was there three weeks between the shows?  There was tons of craft beer news and we did not want to wait on releasing those episodes.  Plus, come on, you like waiting!

The topics we cover on this part are:

  • Demand appropriate glassware
  • Talk frequently about your RateBeer status
  • Engage in elaborate trades
  • Keep a beer diary
  • Speak frequently about your trip to Belgium
  • Always try to make other people better

After talking about the beer snobbery, we delve into the number of breweries in Miramar (Beeramar).  If you are a new brewery, do you not open it in a place like Miramar where there is tons of competition or you do open because people can stumble between breweries.  We then delve into nano-brewing and how well Jake and Rob did compared to their first-year projections.

P.S. We are feeling pretty good at this point in the recording.  Surprisingly we are still coherent, but you can tell we are slurring our words.

Alex Van Horne:
Twitter: @GalacticBrew
Instagram: @galacticbrew
FaceBook: Intergalactic Brewing

Jake Collins:
Instagram: @jakewilliamscollinsthefirst

Rob Dufau:
Twitter: @2kidsbrewing
Instagram: @2kidsbrewing
FaceBook: 2kids Brewing

This episode was recorded inside 57 Degrees Wine and Beer.


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