Episode 31: SD BeerTalk 1st Anniversary Party

SD BeerTalk's Anniversary Collaboration Berliner Weisse - Pomegranate, Watermelon, Passion Fruit

SD BeerTalk’s Anniversary Collaboration Berliner Weisse – Pomegranate, Watermelon, Passion Fruit



This episode was recording during our 1st Anniversary Party at Common Theory.  We talk about one of the biggest news weeks for craft beer.  We will release part two of Episode 30 next week.  Now onto the news…

In The News:

Lagunitas sells 50% stake of the company to Heineken.  Story from The Press Democrat and the open letter from Tony Magee.

We talk about the story and how this affects their craft beer status.  We both agree with and disagree with this sale.  It’s good for the company that can now (hopefully) treat their employees with better wages and benefits.  But we dislike that now they are no longer a craft brewery by defined by the Brewers Association.  We discuss Mr. Magee’s blog post and find it very interesting that someone who would never sell out to “big beer” decided to sell out to Heineken cause “they had good laughs.”  We also give out opinions on buying Lagunitas beer in the future and its similarity of whether or not we buy Goose Island after their sale to AB-inBev.

Saint Archer sells 100% stake to Tenth and Blake, MillerCoors US craft beer division.  Story from the Union Tribune.

It’s been rumored for months, we’ve been talking about it on the show for months, are we surprised?  Short answer, NO.  We do talk about the size effect of this sale to MillerCoors and what it will do to San Diego craft beer as a brand.  We discuss how there were signs leading up to this announcement, the major one being that they switched their distribution company from Stone Distribution to Crest, a company owned by MillerCoors.

Greg Koch is stepping down as CEO of Stone Brewing to become Executive Chairman.  Story from the Union Tribune.

Wednesday the Lagunitas story came out, Thursday the Saint Archer story came out, there’s no way last week would have any more breaking news.  Well it did and it leaves Stone Brewing without a CEO (for the moment.)  Stone will be posting the requirements they are looking for and then will chose a successor to Greg.  Greg will still be around and will still be the face of Stone.  However Greg realizes that his skill set is no longer what the CEO of the 9th biggest craft brewery needs (8th is you believe Lagunitas is no longer craft) and that it would be better for Stone to find a new CEO.

That not all folks!

We chat with Daniel Cady from Twisted Manzanita and ask him how it’s going since we last talked in Episode 11.  We come back during a conversation about good ole San Diego beers that people tend to forget about.  Then we talk about a project that Dan started that Twisted Manzanita may not know about, a sour beer.  We get Dan’s opinion on the Fat Cat “merger” with Twisted Manzanita.  We ask Dan about the new Twisted Manzanita location opening up in North Park.  Dan talks about the merger and why his opinion might differ from what you might think from a craft beer brewer.

Next we have an impromptu appearance by Brian Mitchell and he asks Brian Beagle why his Chinout Stout is so good.  They continue talking about Beagle growing his homebrewing set up.  We talk a little about the Mash Heads Homebrew Club.  Next we have on Paul McGuire from San Diego Hop Addict.  He writes a blog that reviews mainly San Diego breweries and their hops.

This episode was recorded inside Common Theory.

But wait!  There’s even more!

We thought we were done, but Steve Kozyk from Kilowatt walked in the door so we decided to interview him.  Brian Beagle had left the party so you hear my one-on-one interview with Steve.  We get an update on the brewery and talk about the collaboration beer.


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