Episode 29: The Craft Beer Attorney, Candace Moon, Esq.



This episode is good for anyone who might want to open a brewery or who might already own a brewery.  We talk to Candace Moon, Esq. who is also known as The Craft Beer Attorney.  We talk about her rise in the craft beer world and why it is good to make sure you have someone who can look out for your interests as a brewery owner.


We start with talking about Candace’s rise in craft beer and where she started.  You might have heard of the person who was her first client.  We then discuss more about how Candace built her firm and how she has built many good relationships.  I then reveal that I don’t know who Bruce Springsteen is.  Well, I know who he is, but apparently I don’t know what he looks like or many of the songs he sings.  I make Brian and Candace feel old.  Once I am embarrassed by my lack of popular music, we move on to the big topic of any brewery, TRADEMARKS!  The next big issue for breweries is actually opening your doors, we talk about the possible problems that occur even before you can start making money.  If you do open your brewery, Candace talks about how to make a brewery work when you have partners and friends and family.

Brew Law 101

Then we talk about Candace and Stacy’s new book, Brew Law 101, California Edition.  It’s a great resource for anyone who wants to open a brewery.  It’s not light reading, think of it as a textbook for opening a brewery.  We then dive into some of the laws of brewing and her role in the San Diego State’s the Business of Craft Beer.  We finalize the show by again talking about the rumor of Saint Archer being bought by Coors/Miller and the fake buyout of Arizona Wilderness by Hess Brewing.

Candace Moon, Esq.:
Twitter: @CraftBeerAttny
Instagram: @craftbeerattorney
FaceBook: Craft Beer Attorney

This episode was recorded inside the firm of The Craft Beer Attorney.


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