Episode #28: Bacon Fest



We hope you like bacon.  If you do then you will love this episode!  If you are vegan, we apologize in advance.  We interview Gus Thompson and Robert Esparza from San Diego Bacon Fest.  This team is also the proud organizers of the Mission Valley Craft Beer & Food Festival.

What: San Diego Bacon Fest

Where: Liberty Station – Preble Field, 2600 Cushing Road, San Diego,CA, 92106

When: September 5th, 2015

How: Buy tickets here.


We start the episode with the usual questions of how our guests started their craft beer journey.  Gus and Robert then went into what they are calling San Diego Bacon Week!  It’s a full week of bacon events leading up to Bacon Fest.  And Bacon Fest is a great festival highlighting bacon in not only food, but also craft beer, craft spirits, and non-alcoholic drinks.  Talking about spirits, we discuss the growing number of distilleries in San Diego and how this will most likely grow down the road.  San Diego may also be the home to a big number of award winning distilleries.

Going back to craft beer, San Diego has banned beer at most beaches, we hope that is a short term law and will be reversed.  San Diego has always been a great place to sit at the beach in the sun and crack open a few for fun.   We then talk about how Bacon Fest started slow and had issues, but this team has grown and created some of the best San Diego craft beer festivals around.  They talk about what makes a good festival.  That takes us into a conversation about The Routine and how some festivals don’t give bands the correct stage to perform on.

Moving on we open up a couple bottles of year-old Sierra Nevada Flipside Red IPA.  We also talk about the Little League World Series and how San Diego’s Sweetwater Valley Little League has made it to Williamsport, VA.  And big thanks to Sycuan Casino for helping the families of the kids get to Williamsport and for the donation of water for Bacon Fest!

And finally, you’ll learn how the term “Food from a white, kidnapper’s van” comes into discussion.  Thanks Gus and Robert.

Are you ready for Bacon Fest?!?!

In The News:

  • Mike Hess NOT merging with Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. – There was a social media post that claimed that Mike Hess Brewing was going to buy a share of Arizona Wilderness Brewing.  This hoax was to raise awareness for the Wounded Warrior Foundation.  But has this hoax hurt the entire idea of raising this money for charity.

Our Anniversary Party!

September 12th, Noon-Whenever @ Common Theory.  Special 1st Anniversary three-brewery beer will be served.  Home Brewing Co.Intergalactic Brewing, and Kilowatt Brewing Berliner Weisse bread with yogurt cultures.  We have plans of having multiple version of this beer on tap with different fruits.  We are also planning on having some music from a few members of The Routine if we can swing it.  Please RSVP by going to our 1st Anniversary page.

This episode was recorded inside Taste & Thirst.


All music is from The Routine. Check them out and go to a show!


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