Episode #27: Karl’s Wet, Dirty Horse Blanket from Cellar 3



We have guest Chef Karl Prohaska on Episode 27 with us to help us drink some Green Flash Cellar 3 beers.  We drink all three 2015 bottle releases from Cellar 3 and tell you our thoughts.  Some were better than others.


In this episode, our last one as proclaimed by Karl, we drink all three of the above mentioned beers along with a few other surprise beers from Green Flash.  Not only are we drinking their beer, we decided to sarcastically also berate them with “beer geek” disappointment of their brewing ways with Alpine beer.   During our drinking of the Cellar 3 beers, we give our opinions and come up with some interesting ways to describe one of the beers.  Drinking beers is not the only thing we do on this episode, we talk some news and rumors that has happened in the last week in San Diego.

In The News:


Chef Karl Prohaska:
Twitter: @ChefSunBear
FaceBook: FaceBook Page

Our Anniversary Party!

September 12th, Noon-Whenever @ Common Theory.  Special 1st Anniversary three-brewery beer will be served.  Home Brewing Co., Intergalactic Brewing, and Kilowatt Brewing Berliner Weisse bread with yogurt cultures.  We have plans of having multiple version of this beer on tap with different fruits.  We are also planning on having some music from a few members of The Routine if we can swing it.

This episode was recorded inside 57 Degrees Wine & Craft Beer Bar.


All music is from The Routine. Check them out and go to a show!


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    • Thank you for coming on! When we need someone in pinch, I’m so glad we can find someone who has all the time in the world. 🙂

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