Episode #26: Abnormal Beer Company & The Cork and Craft



We talk to Derek Gallanosa from Abnormal Beer Company & The Cork and Craft.  We are recording in the brewery and there is a cold box that turns on every five minutes or so.  We have negated most of the noise, but you might hear a little background noise while we are talking.


Brian and I talk to Derek about Abnormal Beer Company, but also his involvement with Abnormal Wine and The Cork and Craft, the restaurant Abnormal is part of.  We talk about his time on Kings of the Craft TV show.  We also talk about the San Diego State University certificate for the Business of Craft Beer.  We change direction and talk about the SD Beer Friends FaceBook group and how hard it is when a group gets big and the diversity of the members.  Do you trade beer?  Well Derek does, so find him online and trade your non-San Diego beers.  After the break we grab a few really nice Belgian beers and start talking about the future of Abnormal Beer Co.  Derek has a few barrels of their Imperial Stout aging that might make it for their 1st anniversary.

The Cork and Craft does beer pairing dinners once a month.  Come to a beer and dinner pairing!  Go to their website or give them a call if you want to partake in a paring dinner.  Next pairing dinners will be:

August 10th, Karl Strauss

September 21st, Lost Abbey

Derek Gallanosa:
Twitter: @DerekGallanosa
Instagram: @heybeerme

Abnormal Beer Company:
Twitter: @abnormalbeerco
Instagram: @AbnormalBeerCo
FaceBook: Abnormal Beer Company

This episode was recorded inside the brewery at Abnormal Beer Company.


All music is from The Routine. Check them out and go to a show!


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