Episode #24: Rock Bottom La Jolla



In this episode we go corporate and talk to Carli Smith and Ben Webb from Rock Bottom La Jolla.  While Rock Bottom is as corporate as you can get as far as restaurants go, Carli and Ben are still very much San Diego craft brewers.


Carli talks about what it is like working for a corporate restaurant chain and not an independent brewery.  There are benefits as well as a few small quirks, but you might be amazed how much freedom Carli gets.  Carli just took over the head brewer job from Marty Mendiola who is now opening up Second Chance Beer Company.  We chat about going to other cities and drinking their beer and how having a San Diego palate can easily skew your perception of their beer.  Talking about rating beers, we talk about Untappd and how I got blocked from posting new beers.  We talk about Pink Boots Society and about the women in brewing.  While some people only focus on the brewer being a woman, there re ways to take advantage of that and make it about the beer and not the gender.  Carli and Ben are very awesome people, we had so much fun in this episode!

Carli Smith:
Twitter: @carlismithsd
Instagram: @carlismithsd

Ben Webb:
Twitter: @webbjamin
Instagram: @webbjamin


This episode was recorded at Rock Bottom La Jolla.


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