Episode #23: Duck Foot Brewing Co.



Quack!  Quack!  Just a bunch of drunk birds in this episode. Okay, we’re not dunk, just a little tipsy.  We interview Duck Foot Brewing Co. in episode 23.


While Duck Foot is starting to be known as the San Diego “gluten-free” brewery, that is not exactly true.  We interview owner Matt DelVecchio, owner Brett Goldstock, and head brewer Derek Wasak.  The team explains what “gluten-reduced” beers are and why the are being brewed at Duck Foot.  We talk a little about how two guys from New York and one guy from Boston can somehow work in the same business and not kill each other.  My opinion is that now they are all living in San Diego and this city is rubbing off on them.  We ask why did they open a brewery in the crowded Beeramar area of San Diego.  Derek talks about brewing in a time where you may not be able to get hops and grains that you want as a new brewery.  And we were surprised how fast Duck Foot went from opening to distribution in such a short time.

In the news:

Iron Fist to open Barrio Logan tasting room. (West Coaster)

This episode was recorded at Duck Foot Brewing Co.


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