Episode #18: Dos Desperados Brewery



Happy Cinco de Mayo!  We talk to Steve from Dos Desperados in San Marcos.


We talk to Steve about the brewery and its start.  Some leave their jobs to start a brewery, Steve waiting until he retired.  He also had some help from his wife Dora to push him out the door and find a hobby.  Luckily it seem his hobby is paying off, at least he is out of the house.  This family brewery is proof that all it takes is love, time, and maybe some luck.

We ask what is it like to have a brewery in North County?  Should North County do more to advertise for its breweries?  Do you brew what you love or what people want you to brew?  Can you make a drinkable beer with Habanero peppers?

Happy First Anniversary to Dos Desperados!


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