Episode #16: Banger Brewing & EC Craft Beer Invitational



This week San Diego BeerTalk Radio turned into Las Vegas BeerTalk Radio.  I was in Las Vegas for a conference all week so I decided to reach out to a few breweries.  One of them had the time to talk to us.  Banger Brewing is a fairly new brewery in Las Vegas, about 1.5 years old.  They are in the heart of Old Las Vegas on Fremont Street.


We talk with Eddie Quiogue one of the co-founders of Banger Brewing.  We talk about the start of the brewery and how five guys who knew each other making beer in their garage decided to open a brewery.  We discuss the Las Vegas craft beer scene and how Banger Brewing was accepted into the culture of craft beer and the culture of the Vegas scene.  Eddie talks about their beers and how they produce beers with many different flavors and using fresh ingredients.  We talk about Fremont Street and its history and how a craft brewery can fit into an alcohol-soaked, costume-wearing, mass market area like Fremont Street.  It’s very interesting to see the perspective of a brewery that is not in San Diego.

Bonus Content:

I have included nine “man on the street” interviews from the EC Craft Beer Invitational.  This is a festival we went to on March 15th that took place in El Cajon.  We have been struggling on whether or not to release these interviews.  The audio is listenable, however the wind was blowing very strong that day and in some of the interviews it is hard to hear the people.  We have decided to release the interviews on the back end of this episode so that you can turn off the podcast if you do not want to listen to it.

The nine people I interviewed are:

Robert Esparza, Mission Valley Craft Beer & Food Festival and San Diego Bacon Fest

Dave Gostenhofer, Shirts on Tap

Cosimo Sorrentino, Monkey Paw Brewing and South Park Brewing

Hollaine Hopkins, The Lupus Foundation of Southern California

David Crane, Doggie Beer Bones

Tyler Carter, San Diego Brewing Co (Tyler is now with Council Brewing)

Steve Farguson, Absolution Brewing Co  (Also have some help in this interview from some festival fans!)

Amanda Mitchell, Craft beer fan and festival goer

Bill Newton, SanTan Brewing


All music is from The Routine. Check them out and go to a show!


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