Episode #15: Intergalactic Brewing



We are back to interviewing some brewers.  We talk to Alex Van Horne and Jake Collins from Intergalactic Brewing.  We talk about where they came from, how it was opening a brewery with very little money, and about their 2nd Anniversary party.

NOTE:  The first four minutes of the podcast had some audio issues.  That was fixed during the podcast, I apologize to your ears.


We talk to Alex and Jake about how they got to where they are today.  Alex talks about finding a place for the brewery and going through all the permits and paperwork that is involved in opening the brewery.  Starting the brewery with only $25,000 is possible, if maybe highly unlikely.  Jake talks about his roots and how he fell into this band of geeky brewers.  Alex might be young, but we get into many topics that many seasoned business owners have a hard time explaining.  We talk about growing as brewery, making sure your customers are happy, and increasing your production and the downsides of trying to grow too fast.  We talk about trademarks and how Intergalactic actually does not have the trademark for their name.  That also moved into the conversation about Samuel Adams v. Fezziwig’s (Arcana Brewing) and  Bells v. Innovation Brewing.  Alex and Jake talk about the the Brewers Association and the rankings of our breweries in San Diego.  Is being in San Diego a bad thing for your taste buds, do IPAs from other states taste bad or is it just that we are used to super-hopped beers?  Also talk abut Rye beers and some crazy dry-hopping.  And of course we talk about brewing beers and different flavors and procedures.  Alex and Jake are not only geeks and nerds about Sci-Fi, but also brewing.  If you are a beer geek, you will love this episode.


All (most) music is from The Routine. Check them out and go to a show!  This episode’s theme song from the movie SpaceBalls, you can find the song here.  May the Schwartz be with you!


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