Episode #14: Craft Beerd



Episode 14 is all about artwork and more specifically craft beer artwork.  Rudy Pollorena Jr. is the creator of Craft Beerd and he is one of the the biggest and best artists in the San Diego craft beer scene.  We talk about his two years as Craft Beerd and where he came from and how he got into the craft beer scene.


It’s Rudy’s 2nd Anniversary and we discuss his start in the industry and how he became Craft Beerd.  Not only did he celebrate his 2nd anniversary of Craft Beerd but he also got married to his lovely finance Amy in the same week.  We talk about his competition in San Diego and whether they will stick around or not.  And does competition matter when your brand is not a clothing company, but a craft beer art company.  We find out if the booths at festivals work or if online is the way to go.  Does taking a San Diego brand to other cities work?  Is the trademark dispute with Bells and Innovation Brewing something to worry about?  Is growing a beard a trend and is it going away?  And some tips and tricks about growing a beard and how to keep it looking good.

Thanks Rudy, I learned a few things about my beard!


All music is from The Routine. Check them out and go to a show!


Our logo was created by Craft Beerd artist Rudy Pollorena Jr. If you like craft beer and want to show your passion, check out his art and buy some merch.

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