Episode #9: Council Brewing

Council Brewing


We are back in 2015 and have some great guests!  Liz and Curtis Chism from Council Brewing Co. join us.  While not as crazy as some shows in 2014, Greg and Melinda ask the questions we hope you want to know.  We hope this helps educate yourself about what it takes to open and run a brewery in today’s crowded marketplace.


Liz and Curtis give us a behind-the-scenes look at not just opening a brewery, but what it takes to distribute their beer.  We chat about brewing sours and barrel-aging beers.  We also talk about what to do if your beer is bad (or really) what to do if your customers think your beer is bad.  We respond to our first iTunes review which talks about a certain female co-host.


All music is from The Routine. Check them out and go to a show!


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