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Greg Homyak

My day job is in IT.  I am an instructor and Service Manager for a local Apple Specialist in San Diego.  I love Apple products, yes I am “one of those” types.  While I will never get rid of my Mac, iPhone, or Apple Watch, I am finding that I have to spend a lot less time trying to troubleshoot beer.  I let the pros troubleshoot their beer, I am happy just drinking it most of the time.  I may brew a batch here and there and I can’t promise it will be good, but I can promise I had fun making it.



Brian Beagle

I have been writing about my passion for BMX and skateboarding for a while now with my blog Sore Eye Suds.  When I got the opportunity to cover a craft beer event locally, I jumped at the opportunity.  Ever since I have found the craft beer scene in San Diego like no other.  I’ve had the opportunity to learn so much about the community and passion that surrounds San Diego.  I also have been running the Sore Eye Cup Awards, a yearly award for the best, regularly-produced craft beer in San Diego.



Esthela Davila

Hello! I’m that girl that laughs too much! I love my 2 teenage sons, pretty much any sport, and beer! I volunteered for a festival once and for some crazy reason they said: “let’s hire this chick!” And the rest is history. While I am not into the actual art of beer making, I can drink like one of the guys (maybe better)! #EsthelaLikesToDrink




Past Hosts

Melinda Hooker

When I worked in Dorchester England we would visit Cornwall which is a seaside town 2 hours away. I would drink Sharps Cornish Pilsner. I loved that beer and have had a helluva time finding it here. I’ve ordered it online but it’s a hassle. So time to find a good sub.


8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Shout out from one of your fans in Oman. I finish up my multi year project and return home to San Diego and great beer after the new year. Thanks for helping me be less homesick!

    *** Jeff ***

  2. Is there a way to contact you guys/girls privately? It doesn’t matter, thanks for at least mentioning us (Jacked Up Brewery) a few episodes ago. We get that the money doesnt add up with such a small system but we’ve got alot of fermentors and alot of time. When you have good day jobs and one of you is a general contractor, building a brewery isnt as expensive as you’d think. Sure the next level is on the low side of $650k if you arent a general contractor, but that will come in time, hopefully without outside investment. We’ve got plenty of friends and family that will support the venture but we did this little test for ourselves. We wanted to prove that we could open a brewery and that people would love the beer. Now that we’ve proven that point we can move forward.

    I don’t know if any of you had a chance to visit this last Saturday for our grand opening but if you did, i hope you enjoyed the beer. If you didn’t make it then come in and introduce yourselves, i’d love to talk beer with you.

    Brian McClure
    Jacked Up Brewery

  3. Hey guys, Great show! I am a collector of 22oz beer bottles with screen-printed labels. I currently have 107 in my collection and I have 15 bottles in the fridge waiting to drink. I’d love to show you the collection and have you comment as well as help drink the 15 bottles of stouts, IPAs, DIPAs and more stouts. Cheers!

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