Episode 150: Brandon Hernández


It’s Episode 150 and we are joined by one of the biggest beer writers in San Diego, Brandon Hernández. While you would most likely see Brandon’s articles in West Coaster, he has written for many San Diego blogs and magazines over the years.  Whether you like his opinions on beer or not, he is usually one of the first journalists to feature new breweries.  We are very happy to have him on our sesquicentennial show.


Brandon talks a little about his history with craft beer and what his first beers were.  We have some side conversations about the Brew Project and Pariah’s anniversary where they released Dank Drank in cans and the wild ale our listeners have heard plenty about whenever Brian has been on the show, Avarice Dekkera.  We also open up a few beers, some are not so great and take a break when the food arrives.  After the break, we open more beers and start asking our listener questions.

Listener Questions

Rudy Pollorena Jr. – In the last few years, what has been the most noticeable shift in San Diego Beer culture?

Cosimo Sorrentino – What are the best food and beer pairing that you have had recently? Have you found any unexpected synergies in the past couple months that you want to share with the masses?

Andrew Foulkes – If you could change one thing about the industry here in San Diego what would it be and why?

Mike Shess – What do you say when people accuse you of having an agenda against certain breweries/businesses or being biased because you work for a brewery?

Gregory Nagel – If you could create infinite clones of yourself to adequately cover SD’s beer scene, how many clones would it take?

Ian Cheesman – With such a long and illustrious tenure in beer writing, does anything surprise you anymore as a journalist? Also, can I have a lock of your hair?

Brian Scanlon – What plans do you have for Beer to the Rescue this year dude?

Beer to the Rescue information and events

Twitter: @BeerToTheRescue
FaceBook: facebook.com/beertotherescue/
Website: www.beertotherescue.org

  • Saturday, February 24 | Beer-Release Event—Benchmark Brewing, Grantville
  • Wednesday, March 28 | Fundraiser—Pariah Brewing, North Park
  • Thursday, March 29 | Cask Night Event—North Park Beer Co., North Park
  • Monday, April 16 | Fundraiser—New English Brewing, Sorrento Valley
  • Every Tuesday in May | Charity Nights—Societe Brewing, Kearny Mesa
  • Thursday, May 3 | Beer-Release Event—Division 23 Brewing, Miramar
  • Thursday, May 17 | Fundraiser—Thorn St. Brewery, North Park
  • Sunday, June 3 | Beer-Release Events—Second Chance Beer Co., Carmel Mountain & North Park
  • Friday, July 6 | Beer-Release Event—Booze Brothers Brewing, Vista
  • Thursday, August 16 | Fundraiser—Burgeon Beer Co., Carlsbad
  • Tuesday, October 16 | Beer For Boobs Joint Fundraiser—White Labs, Miramar
  • Wednesday, October 31 | Halloween Fundraiser—2kids Brewing, Miramar
  • Saturday, November 17 | St. Jude’s Hospital Joint Fundraiser—Indian Joe Brewing, Vista
  • Thursday, November 27 | Fundraisers—Belching Beaver Brewery, Vista & North Park
  • Saturday, December 8 | Foster Children’s Charity Joint Fundraiser—Bolt Brewery, La Mesa

In the News

  • La Mesa’s Depot Springs Beer Co. project a no-go, they have decided to cut their losses and try to sell the location and equipment.


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This episode was recorded live at The Brew Project.

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