Episode 149: Gravity Heights


You all know that we love to be one of the first people to try new beers or new breweries.  Well, how about 10-11 months before they open?  We are interviewing Gravity Heights which is a brewpub planning to open up around October/November timeframe.  You’ll hear a bet being made at the end of the show, mark your calendars.


We are joined by the three men who want to open a brewery in these crazy times, but we have a feeling with the experience these guys have, it should be just fine.  The first person we introduce is someone any craft beer fan should know about, Skip Virgilio, who was the original founder of Alesmith before it was sold to Peter Zien.  We are also joined by Arturo Kassel, he is the managing partner of Whisknladle Hospitality which has opened up a number of restaurants in San Diego.  Our third guest is Ryan Trim, a member of QUAFF and how Skip and Arturo met.  After the introductions, we dive straight into the statistics of the brewhouse.  During the talk, we drink a few beers that Skip has brewed so far.  We end this part of the show with wondering how Ryan introduced Arturo to Skip.

After the break, we come back with more beer and talk about the 10th-anniversary beer for Whisknladle made by Skip and Rip Current.  We get back on track with the future brewpub and wonder what the food part will entail.  Afterwards, we ask Skip the most podcast question of them all.  There is some construction talk, but then we open up a very special beer that Skip was nice enough to bring to the show.  We can’t believe our eyes and our taste buds.  The conversation goes into if the beers at the brewpub will only be Gravity Heights or not.  Then Brian wagers whether or not Gravity Heights will make their opening date, the pressure is on!  We finalize our interview with the guys and then move into the news.  After the news and three voicemails, we have one last beer, a collaboration from Creative Creature Brewing and Electric Brewing.

In the News

  • Mother’s Provisions open for business in Vista. 204 Main Street, Vista
  • Eppig Point Loma will be in their soft opening phase on Feb. 9th until sometime in March when they will have their Grand Opening.

Topics of Discussion

  • Ballast Point in Disneyland
  • Constellation Brands building in Mexicali


Three voicemails from ChewYourBeer!

I Do Declare!

Thank you, The Perfect Pour, Colin Salmon, Ken Lierman, Chris Bush, Tony Bagz, Tom Keliinoi, Ryan DeBusk, West Coaster, Dave V, Roger Smith, Captain Eli, Craftbeeray, Vance Arthurs, Bill Benzel, Alana Gomez, Patrick Zacharias, Greg Nagel, Neil Halpin, John Allegretti, Scott Schmalbach, Brian Goold, Matt Landes, Cyrus B, Ben, Hoppy Craftsmen Podcast, Rock Out Scholarship Fund (Shawn Coady), Gwynntelligence (Padres Jagoff), Carlos Lee, Liz Bauer, James Ramsay, and Christa Mitchell.

This episode was recorded live at The Brew Project.

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