Episode #116: What’s the verdict on aging Council bottles?


This episode is all about Council Brewing!  Just not what you think it is, it’s all about their beers.  Mainly, the beers that Beagle and myself have been saving since 2014.  Some of the beers are new and some are years old, how do they fair?  We are joined by Jeffrey Crane from Council who gives us a ton of insight on the beers we drink during the show, he had a hand in making all of these beers.  We are also joined by Hansen Hunt, who like us, is a craft beer evangelist that is not in the industry but knows everyone in it.

Side Topic

Recently there were social media reports of a brewpub (not in San Diego) that had a keg from an SD brewery on tap that may have had Diacetyl. What do you do in that situation?

  • As a brewery, do you take back the keg?
  • As the brewpub, do you sell the beer, claim ignorance?
  • As a consumer, what are our expectations?  Do you send it back?

Beers we drank on the show!

  • Starter beers – Hop Chunks from Benchmark Brewing and Sharks with Blazers from Home Brewing Co. and 32 North Brewing.
  • 2014 Nicene – Belgian Farmhouse Style Saison aged in Gewurztraminer wine barrels
  • 2015 Nicene – Belgian Farmhouse Style Saison aged in Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay wine barrels
  • 2014 Athanasian – Belgian Tripel aged in Bourbon oak barrels
  • 1st Anniversary House White – Imperial Sour White Ale aged in oak barrels
  • 1st Anniversary House Red – Imperial Sour Red Ale aged in oak barrels
  • 2015 Vienne – Biere de Mars aged in oak barrels
  • Staircase of Everlasting Peaches – Golden Sour base with stone fruits age in oak barrels – To be released in July
  • During the break and to reset our palates – Resident Tempered Ego – NE style IPA with Motueka, Galaxy and Citra hops.
  • 2nd Anniversary Flanders Red – Flanders Style Red Ale aged for 2 years in red wine barrels
  • Behind the Curtain – Flanders Style Red Ale – To be released in July
  • Lickable Staves – American Sour Red Ale aged in red wine barrels with Balaton Cherries
  • Gaderian – Old Ale aged in oak barrels with Brettanomyces
  • 3rd Anniversary Biere de Miel – Farmhouse Style Sour Ale brewed with honey & Chardonnay Must and aged in white wine barrels
  • Ephesus – Golden Sour Ale aged in American oak barrels

In the News!

  • New English Brewing is going to open their new extension, The Barrel Room, at their 10th Anniversary, July 8th.  It is a 2,700-square-foot room, has a 200-inch projection screen, a 32-foot bar, 20 taps, and (Brian Mitchell approved) their own bathrooms! $25 for VIP entry 12 PM-3 PM, free after 3 PM.
  • NEW BREWERY! (In planning) – Brewer’s Landing will be opening up in the College Area around SDSU.  8,500 square feet total with 2,125 square feet planned for brewing operations.  Read more at West Coaster.
  • Stone Brewing Launches True Independent Craft Campaign.  Social Media blitz, “Ture Independent Craft” playlist on Spotify, and events all throughout the Summer.  More from the Full Pint.

I Do Declare!

Thank you, The Perfect Pour, Colin Salmon, Tait Campbell, Ken Lierman, Chris Bush, Mitch Tantrum, Tony Bagz, Aaron Graham, Tom Keliinoi, Nick Shields, Ryan DeBusk, Eddie Martin, West Coaster, Roger Smith, Captain Eli, Craftbeeray, Vance Arthurs, Bill Benzel, Alana Gomez, Patrick Zacharias, AND NEW Ryan Fowler!

This episode was recorded at The Brew Project.

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