Episode #96: Feedback from Our Listeners


Beau from The Brew Project wanted us to do more bottle shares.  We agreed and decided to do a bottle share and a show all at once.  We also decided it was a good time to get to some listener feedback that we have been neglecting the last few months.  We start out with fixing some misinformation we gave out during our Year in Beer 2016 episode about Thunderhawk.  After that we move into a Twitter conversation about consistency versus quality beer.  We then move onto the news in which Tom from What’s on Draft joins us.  I checked, you can still buy their Sexy Brewers Calendar.  We are also joined by John Hunter from Bitter Brothers who talks about their 1st Anniversary Barrel-Aged Little Sister.

After a break we come back and continue the news.  We are joined by Travis Hudson (craftbeerluv619) and Beth Demon from San Diego CityBeat.  We talk about some feedback about the Drunk History show with Will Keizer and some feedback some of the breweries you should people visit on their vacations in San Diego.

In The News!

Green Flash lays off an unknown amount of workers.  We’ve heard around 25-30 for this round with more rounds to come.  Also The Full Pint reports:

  • Alpine Beer Company in Alpine, CA has temporarily halted production for the past month. (Alpine was temporarily offline for maintenance)
  • Alpine Beer Company terminated assistant brewer Kevin Brown
  • Founder, CEO and President Mike Hinkley has stepped down from the President role and that COO Chris Ross has stepped in.

Follow up on Encinitas, January 5th was a Planning Commision meeting where there was some opposition to Culture’s license. However they unanimously voted in favor.  No issues yet for Modern Times or Saint Archer.


We get the backlog of voicemails out of the way from Neal, ChewYourBeer, and Mike from SoCal BrewCrew.

I Do Declare!

Thank you The Perfect Pour, Colin Salmon, Tait Campbell, Ken Lierman, Chris Bush, Mitch Tantrum, Tony Bagz, Aaron Graham, Tom Keliinoi, Nick Shields, Ryan DeBusk, Eddie Martin, West Coaster,  Roger Smith, and Captain Eli!

This episode was recorded at The Brew Project.

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