Episode #86: The New Kids Festival 2016



We are recording live at The New Kids Welcoming Party at Marina Village in San Diego.  Robert and Gus invited us to show our talents off inside this intimate venue while the festival was going on.  We shared the airwaves that night with local musician and KUSI reporter Brad Perry  You can find his music at Brad Perry Music.  During the time we had we started with talking a little bit about San Diego Beer Week and what we have done and what our plans were going forward.  We recorded on Thursday, so there was still three more days of Beer Week.  Almost right away we have some bourbon and whiskey dropped off and we have our first guest.

Trent Tilton – San Diego Distillery

Might as well start the festival with a bang and Trent helps us out with that.  San Diego Distillery makes all their bourbons and whiskies from beer recipes, some old homebrew recipes and some bars you’ve already heard of made from a few well-known San Diego breweries.  We also find out a little bit about how they make their spirits and some of the rules distilleries have to follow that are different from breweries.

San Diego Distillery:
Facebook: facebook.com/sandiegodistillery/
Website: www.sddistillery.com
Instagram: @sddistillery

Brian Mitchell and Steven Sabers – Pariah Brewing Company

After a break, while we let Brad play some music, we come back and talk with Brian and Steven about Pariah Brewing Company.  Apologies for the audio, the room was very packed when we had them on the mic.  We talk about when they think they will open. Also get heavily into their ethos as a brewery and their thoughts on brewing, bottling, and growler fills.  Part of that is really what the Brewery Igniter program gave them and what needed to be changed for them to properly brew the way they want to brew.  Brian talks a little about the water profile and why growlers really can be a pain in the butt to fill when a brewer wants their beer to be drank at its best quality.

Pariah Brewing Company:
Facebook: facebook.com/Pariah-Brewing-Company-200403883320154/
Instagram: @pariahbrewing
Twitter: @pariahbrewingco

John Hunter – Bitter Brothers Brewing Co. & Shannon Lynnette – Burning Beard Brewing Co.

After another music break, we come back with John from Bitter Brothers Brewing Co.  We are also joined by Shannon from Burning Beard Brewing Co. as well, because why not.  John brings us a gift of a Russian Imperial Stout called Little Sister, again because why not.  He talks a little about it and where you will see it next, the 1st Anniversary at Bitter Brothers.  Shannon talks about how she came to work at Burning Beard.  She is very passionate about beer tending and how a proper beer tender should act, pour beer, and have the correct knowledge to serve beer properly.

Bitter Brothers Brewing Co.:
Facebook: facebook.com/BitterBrothersBrewingCo/
Website: www.bitterbrothers.com/
Instagram: @bitterbrothersbrewingco
Twitter: @bitter_brothers

Burning Beard Brewing Co.:
Facebook: facebook.com/BurningBeardBrewing/
Website: www.burningbeardbrewing.com
Instagram: @burning.beard.brewing
Twitter: @beard_aflame

Robert Esparza – Push Pins Media

We were going to end the show, but we are then joined by Robert Esparza from PushPins Media, the creator of Mission Valley Craft Beer & Food FestivalSan Diego Bacon Fest, and of course New Kids.  Brian luckily brings up the tacos we had at the festival from Taste and Thirst.

This episode was recorded live at SD New Kids!

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