Episode #81: Maker Faire Smörgåsbord 2016, Part 2



Ready for Part 2?  Are you sure, this is our longest show to date.  Before we get into the episode we start with some important breaking San Diego news.

In the News!

  • SR76 Beer Works will be opening up in Harrah’s Southern California Resort, this will be the first tribe-owned brewery and the first beer-manufacturing facility within a hotel. Brewer Brian Scott from Karl & Mission.
  • Stone lays off about 5% of their workforce.  Slowing of their brand and an increase in “hyper-local” trends resulted in this outcome.  More about this on the West Coaster and Brewbound.
  • We talk little bit about the controversy of Karl Strauss winning Mid-Size Brewery of the Year at GABF.

After the news we get back to Episode 81, Part 2.  We are joined by Tom Keliinoi from What’s On Draft to help out with Brain being in New Jersey.  We recap a little bit of what Maker Faire is and then get into what Tom does.  Part of that was the Kickstarter that was successfully funded.  We move onto some topics Tom wanted to talk about.

  • The Securities and Exchange Commission said Wednesday that Anheuser-Busch InBev NV would pay $6 million to settle charges that an Indian unit of the beer giant made improper payments to Indian government officials and then chilled a whistleblower who reported the misconduct.  WSJ Article.  SEC Article.
  • This Technology Is About to Revolutionize Beer-Making.  The formation and collapse of tiny bubbles dramatically changes the chemistry, engineering, and cost of beer-making.  MIT Technology Review Article.

We take a break and come back with Erika Raye from White Labs.  We talk about this 45 million year old yeast.  They had an Indiegogo campaign for the beer they are selling, which you can now buy here.  We talk more about Tom’s sexy brewers calendar and who might be in it.  There’s a some more random conversation with Erika and then we take another break and come back with more Erika.  She helped brew a Pink Boots beer with Carli from Rock Bottom La Jolla.

As we are talking Eric March from Star B Ranch sneaks in.  So we move the conversation to him and ask him about his hop farm and buffalo ranch.  We wonder how hops are growing in San Diego since it was once said there was no way for it to work.  We also wonder who buys the hops from him.  Eric talks about making sure the hop growers are all doing it the right way.  Just like how one bad brewer can spoil the bunch, one bad hop grower could spoil people’s thoughts on hops grown in San Diego.  After some more hop talk we take another break.

We come back and are joined by Fede Savinon from Hoppy Beer Hoppy Life.  At this point Tom had to leave so I’m flying solo for this part.  We talk about Fede’s fourth anniversary and how he was able to collaborate on 10 beers.  Not only does he collaborate on beers, but he has done a few collaborations with breweries to make special artwork for them.  We ask more about his creative process.  As we are all tired after working for two days, we take another break.

We have our final interview with Chris Herr and Joe Connolly from Golden Coast Mead.  Since not everyone knows about mead, we ask a few basic questions.  What is with people always saying they get headaches from mead?  We also wanted to know more about their background and talked about how they got to work for GCM.  As it usually does, that flows into their brewing system.  We find out more about their sour mead production.  We ask if aging mead is a thing for the buyer.  We get into a talk about distribution and how dumb it can be.

It’s a really long show, we hope you enjoy it all.

Tom Keliinoi – What’s On Draft:
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Eric March – Star B Ranch:
FaceBook: facebook.com/Star-B-Buffalo-Ranch-Hop-Farm/224796880912457
Website: www.starbranchandhopfarm.com

Fede Savinon – Hoppy Beer Hoppy Life:
Twitter: @HBHL2011
Instagram: @hoppybeerhoppylife
FaceBook: facebook.com/hoppybeerhoppylife/
Website: hoppybeerhoppylife.com

Chris and Joe – Golden Coast Mead:
Twitter: @GoldenCoastMead
Instagram: @goldencoastmead
Instagram: @goldencoastmeadmakers
FaceBook: facebook.com/goldencoastmead/
Website: hoppybeerhoppylife.com

This episode was recorded live at Maker Faire!

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