Episode #61: Burning Beard Brewing



We begin the episode talking about some current news about World Beer Cup.  During the news, our interview for next week’s podcast calls us so we have to cut it short, but the rest of the news will be at the end of the show.  Enjoy the interview with Jeff Wiederkehr and Mike Maass from Burning Beard Brewing.

The Interview:

Burning Beard is (currently) the only brewery in El Cajon after the closure of URBN St. Brewing.  Burning Beard was going to be Prometheus Brewing but that name is taken by Elysian.  Before the purchase there was an agreement but after AB bought them, it was back to the drawing board.  We ask them what Burning Beard means to them.  That leads into a talk about the people who work there and how they hired Shannon Rogers as their tasting room manager.  We discuss how having a great beertender means a lot to having a good time as a consumer.

We take a break and go into a ton of listener questions.  Finally we ask them the questions they ask when they interview possible new employees.

1) If you were a song, which would you be?

2) What season best represents the mood we can expect from you behind the bar?

3) Rank your top 3 Halloween costumes of all time.

4) What is the furthest you have ever driven in one day? Where did you go? And why did you go there?

5) Name something that shouldn’t scare you but does.

6) Bacon or Sausage. Note: the correct answer is BOTH.

7) Name your favorite film genre.

8) If you were a piece of candy, what kind would you be? Why?

9) What was the last movie that made you cry?

10) What was the last book that you read?

11) Cake or Pie? What flavor? Could you bake this (Cake/Pie)? Can you bring it on your first day?

Listener Questions!

Tim Stahl – Why did you build a brewery so close to my house and why is your beer so damned good?

Tom Keliinoi – Ask if they think they expect more breweries in that area, i feel like South Bay / East County is coming up fast.

Robert Esparza – If they’re coming to San Diego Bacon Fest!

Anthony Fusco – What’s that smell???

Abby Heilbron – How does Shannon keep her locks so beautiful?!!

Amy June – Favorite color?

Doug Pominville – What’s the one style you wish breweries made more of?

Michael Cardoza – Why can’t you keep up with your IPA demand?  Where does the tasting room get its upbeat energy..! Shannon Lynnette?

Abby Heilbron – Actually, Mike brings up a good question? Who do I high five for curating such a badass jukebox?!

Howell Glen – Ginger or Mary Ann?

ChewYourBeer – Has your beard ever caught fire?

Jeff – SD Brew Review – I would like to hear about their plans for sours, wild ales, Abbey ales, and other unique creations.

Travis Hudson – What influences your beer recipes and/or do you have any brewing superstitions?

In The News!

World Beer Cup awards were announced.  San Diego breweries took home 14 medals.  You can find the complete list here.

We missed talking about Downtown Johnny Brown’s closed back on April 29th.  Article from West Coaster.

True Craft from Greg Koch and Steve Wagner. $100 million committed and “a small group of craft breweries” who are interested. Not many details, we’ll dig in more later.

I Do Declare!

Thank you The Perfect Pour, Colin Salmon, Tait Campbell, Ken Lierman, Amy (and Rudy) Pollorena, Chris Bush, Mitch Tantrum, and Anthony Bagdasarian!

Where to find our guests:

Burning Beard Brewing:
Twitter: @beard_aflame
Instagram: @burning.beard.brewing
FaceBook: facebook.com/BurningBeardBrewing/
Website: www.burningbeardbrewing.com

This episode was recorded at Burning Beard Brewing.

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