Episode #52: Mission Valley Craft Beer & Food Festival



We are joined by some SD BeerTalk friends, Gus Thompson and Robert Esparza from PushPins Media which organizes the Mission Valley Craft Beer & Food Festival and Bacon Fest as well as other events.  The festival is being held at the old Chargers practice field at Qualcomm Stadium on Saturday, March 26, 2016.  VIP starts at 12PM and General Admission starts at 1:30PM.

The Interview:

Robert and Gus discuss more about the festival and why it is the one you should go to this year.  It’s simple things like including not only unlimited beers, but unlimited spirits, food, and water.  To help save the environment the water is not in bottles, but a big truck and is self serve to help save on the plastic.  Also all the plates and cutlery is recyclable as well.  This festival has two admission prices, $50 for general and $80 for VIP which gets you am extra hour and a half.  This festival is not a “bro fest” like some of the other national festivals that have popped up in town.  And to pimp out the festival even more they are going to donate “five figures” to It’s All About the Kids, a charity that helps kids get real-life skills.

After the break, we come back to a new hashtag #BeerIsTheNewBacon.  We go on to talk about situational beers and how it was growing up with mostly domestic beers.  But out of that we talk about PBR and how Karl Strauss was the person who put PBR on the map with his recipe before helping to start the Karl Strauss brewery.  When we officially come back we ask about getting feedback from festival goers and if anything has changed.  We continue to discuss how they choose the music and restaurants that participate in the festival.  We side track our conversation and talk about Derek at Abnormal Beer Co. and the Cork and Craft restaurant.

In the News!

Cosimo from Monkey Paw is doing a “Calls for Conversation”  open forum about the recent buyouts.  He posted on SD Beer Friends his experience with talking with Garrett Wales (Co-Founder/Owner 10 Barrel) and Greg Peters (Barrel Program Manager, Saint Archer).  More on this from the West Coaster.

Societe is growing!  Two additional 80-barrel fermenters, takes them to 520 barrels form 360.  Article from the West Coaster.

New brewery! Culver Beer Company in Carlsbad.  Located at 2719 Loker Ave W, Ste D, in Carlsbad, they have 5 beers on tap right now – a stout, two irish reds, a hoppy saison, and a belgian blonde.  Check out http://www.culverbeer.com for more information!

I Do Declare!

Thank you The Perfect Pour, Colin Salmon, Tait Campbell, Ken Lierman, & Amy (and Rudy) Pollorena!

Congrats to Chef Karl Prohaska for Shot and a Beer podcast!  Go listen!


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