Episode #48: Latitude 33 Brewing Co. and Hops Highway



We visit Latitude 33 up in Vista along with the guys from Hops Highway.  We are joined this week by Latitude 33’s Co-Owner & President Mike Ingram and Brewer Adam Vickers.  From Hops Highway we are joined by Jay Sanders.  We have a fun time talking all about “Lat 33” and Hops Highway, this is a really fun group to talk beer with.

The Interview:

The building Latitude 33 is in has a history not everyone might know.  It housed a few places before them, Carlsbad Ale House and Green Flash.  Green Flash was moving into their current bigger spot, and Latitude 33 was lucky enough to take it over.  The brewing system is the same today.  We talk to Mike and Adam about the history of the brewery and about their expansion plans.  We talk about their bottles and how having a solid marketing plan helps out a lot with not just distribution, but also growing the business.  On that topic we start talking with Hops Highway.  Jay (and his off-mic partner Jeff) are there to help us understand what exactly is Hops Highway and how they help breweries in the North County grown and built a brand.

After a short break, we talk about their beers and how they have evolved their beer list from a normal IPA-heavy list that a lot of breweries in San Diego might have.  We delve into the collaborative spirit Latitude 33 has, but not with other breweries, with their own employees.  Their staff is involved in many of the brewing decisions of the brewery.  They even have The Crew’s Pilsner, a beer that the entire staff have something to do with.  We ask Adam about how much control he and head brewer Casey Petty have when it comes to beers that were already on the menu before they came to join Latitude 33.

I Do Declare!

Thank you The Perfect Pour and Colin Salmon.

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Latitude 33:
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Hops Highway:
FaceBook: facebook.com/sdhopshighway/
Instagram: @sdhopshighway
Twitter: @sdhopshighway
Website: hopshighway.com

This episode was recorded inside Latitude 33.

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