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Graphic by Desiree Duzich, Spoiled Beer Brat Productions

In the News:

AB-InBev buys more breweries.  In the last week AB-InBev has purchased: (Each link to a story)

Four Peaks Brewing (Tempe, AZ)

Camden Town Brewery (London, England)

Breckenridge Brewing (Littleton, CO)

But here is where this gets even more interesting.  AB-InBev reportedly is giving incentives and bonuses to distribution partners for carrying 98% AB-InBev products in their portfolio.  The Wall Street Journal (article for paid subscribers) has reported this information about the possible program that could pay out $150 million to distributors for mainly carrying their products.  This has pushed one #IndieBeer brand, Deschutes from Grey Eagle Distributing out of St. Louis, MO.  Free tail Brewing out of San Antonio, TX has a good article about the overall picture.

Another big brand, Constellation Brands was featured on Jim Cramer’s money show.  The CEO Rob Sands was interviewed by Cramer.  Sands can’t even name the IPA that sitting on the shelf behind him. I made a mistake, Sands did mention the name Sculpin.  Thanks William for the correction.  Plus Cramer is basically throwing him softball questions the entire time.  If you want to see the video, here you go.

In good news plenty of breweries are opening and/or expanding.

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