Episode #42: Toolbox Brewing Co.



We have back-to-back episodes with sour programs.  We talk with Spencer Peters and Ehren Schmidt from Toolbox Brewing Co.  We talk all about their wild ales and sour beers.



We start talking with Spencer about Toolbox and how it came to be.  He explains a little about being a brewery in San Diego that focuses on sour beers.  Ehren talks about his history in brewing and his progression coming to San Diego.  It seems that somehow these two came together by some luck and perfect timing.  Ehren talks a little bit about brewing in a sour brewery and how “standard” beers are not going to be produced at Toolbox.  One of the really cool things is Toolbox banks all their own yeast and Ehren grows all of it in-house.

Ehren explains the process of making their Cirtus Gose with Key Lime and Meyer Lemon.  We then start discussing their new foeder customer built for them.



We then delve into how this type of brewing and barrel aging is “a labor of love” and how it takes longer to produce the beers that Toolbox brews.  We find out what Spencer is willing to do for $1 Billion.  Which of course turns on the conversation into the Ballast Point $1 Billion purchase.

We get into the question from one of our fans which turns into a possibility of a Toolbox expansion.  We drink up an unreleased beer called Mackinaw, a Sour Wild Ale with California White Peaches.  We finish up and talk about what’s coming up with Toolbox for their tasting room and bottles.



Questions from Fans!

SoCal BrewCrew –  Any satellite tasting room in the plans? Maybe Clairemont area?

I Do Declare!

Dave Adams from Green Flash Cellar 3 for donating $5 to the show!

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Ehren Schmidt:
Instagram: @emoneymillionaire

This episode was recorded inside Toolbox Brewing.

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