Episode #34: Kill Devil Spirit Co.



You are listening to San Diego SpiritTalk Radio!  We are doing something a little different this week with our guest Kill Devil Spirit Co.


We are joined by Ray Digilio and Baker (Daniel Baker) from Kill Devil Spirit Co.  We talk about them opening in San Diego and how the craft beer boom is helping or hurting them.  We discuss that some distilleries are actually just buying “neutral” spirits and then putting their own label on the bottle.  While there are not a lot of distilleries in San Diego, or California for that matter, what you need to look for is “Distilled and Bottled By:” on the bottle.  The “Distilled and Bottled By:” term differentiates base spirits made by the company you are buying from.  Then there’s something about Ray’s tent???

California Distillers Guild tried to help distilleries by putting a bill through California’s Congress for direct bottle sales.  It was denied originally by Governor Brown, but eventually later in 2015 the Bill passed and will be signed by the Governor.  Distilleries will then be able to make cocktails and have bottle sales after January 1st.  One thing Kill Devil might do is allow people to come to the distillery and allow home distillers to brew at their place.  It is illegal to home distill.  Ray and Baker discuss their distillery process with a custom, patented vapor method and a no-waste system.

Kill Devil distills the following: (in order of appearance in the show)

  • Rx Vodka – This “neutral” spirit is made by Kill Devil
  • Ugly California Moonshine – A 90 Proof “pre-barrel aged” whiskey.  You can barrel age it yourself to make it whiskey.
  • Valor West Coast Gin – A gin with Chinook hops and California grapefruit.
  • Ugly California Rise & Shine – Their moonshine with Dark Horse custom-roasted coffee.


We talk about the San Diego Distillers Guild which is made up of:

  • Kill Devil Spirit Co. (Spring Valley)
  • Twisted Manzanita Spirits (Santee)
  • Ballast Point Spirits (Everywhere)
  • Old Harbor Distilling Co. (Downtown – by Mission Brewing)
  • Liberty Call Distilling Co. (Spring Valley)
  • Malahat Spirits Co. (Miramar)
  • The California Spirits Company (San Marcos)
  • San Diego Distillery (Spring Valley)
  • Kalifornia Distilleries (Temecula)

Into the News:

Mother Earth building second brewery in Namba, Idaho.  Article from the West Coaster.

Green Flash Taking Alpine Beer Company’s Popular Double IPA Nationwide.  Article from BrewBound.

Green Flash bottled Alpine beer in Green Flash-style bottles.  Some people are not happy about this, some don’t care.  Photo below from Bine & Vine:


What’s Tappening

We talk about our past week (or so) of drinking.

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This episode was recorded inside 57 Degrees Wine and Beer.

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