Episode 30: How to Be a Better Beer Snob, Part 1




Are you a beer snob or know someone who you think is a beer snob?  We go over the “How to Be a Better Beer Snob” article from Thrillist with Alex and Jake from Intergalactic Brewing and Rob from 2kids Brewing.


We start the conversation asking can you legally use distilled alcohol in beer.  Can really you use items soaked in distilled alcohol in your beer if you were the person soaking the items?  And you heard it here first, Bourbon bottle-aged beer!  We drink beer that tastes like Bakersfield, whatever that means?  The Sore Eye Cup awards are done for 2015 and the winner is Speedway Stout from AleSmith!  Speedway is now in the Sore Eye Cup Hall of Fame.  Then we finally go into the list of how to be a better beer snob.  In part 1 of the show we touch on nine of the fifteen topics in the article.

  • Find a local brewery that everybody loves, then shit all over it
  • Talk often and proudly about your cellar
  • Memorize every beer term possible
  • Bring good beer to every party
  • Call your bartender by name, every time
  • Instagram the shit out of your beer
  • Attend at least one beer dinner a month
  • Champion a local brewery, then turn on it unexpectedly
  • Inquire frequently about tap cleaning

Alex Van Horne:
Twitter: @GalacticBrew
Instagram: @galacticbrew
FaceBook: Intergalactic Brewing

Jake Collins:
Instagram: @jakewilliamscollinsthefirst

Rob Dufau:
Twitter: @2kidsbrewing
Instagram: @2kidsbrewing
FaceBook: 2kids Brewing

This episode was recorded inside 57 Degrees Wine and Beer.


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