Episode #25: Thanks Dustin, you got us drunk, Part 2



The friendly banter continues on Part 2 of Episode 25.  We start off with talking about a previous drinking experience Brian M and myself embarked on.  It was very similar to what happened the day before our recording.  And what is up with Belgium?  Why aren’t all the breweries in one easy location?  We chat abut the Padres and Petco Park and how San Diego has the best beer in any sports stadium.  There are many non sequiturs in this part as well.  In one of those we mention how you can get a free Sore Eye Cup glass from Brian Beagle.  Listen all the way through the episode.

And finally a HUGE shout out to Dustin Hassenstab from Omaha, Nebraska for sending us some beer!  Thanks to you, we got a little drunk and because of this, the episode is split into two parts.

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This episode was recorded in the Living Room of Brian Mitchell.


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