Episode #25: Thanks Dustin, you got us drunk, Part 1



We do not have an interview this episode so we got together a friend of ours, Brian Mitchell.  In this episode we talk about a few of the news topics have come across the newswire lately.  We talk about the Fat Cat & Twisted Manzanita merger and the Duvel & Firestone Walker merger.  Then we talk about whatever comes up in our drunk minds.  We talk about how one Subway restaurant in La Jolla has been a significant place in two of our three hosts’ history.  Part of that story is a “haunted” construction site that Beagle’s company still have not been completely paid for.  We do talk about some brewing topics including San Diego’s growing sour breweries and brewing with yogurt, or at least using yogurt in some form in brewing.

And finally a HUGE shout out to Dustin Hassenstab from Omaha, Nebraska for sending us some beer!  Thanks to you, we got a little drunk and because of this, the episode is split into two parts.

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This episode was recorded in the Living Room of Brian Mitchell.


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