Episode #20: Kilowatt Brewing



This week talk to an electrifying brewery, Kilowatt Brewing.  We interviewed Head Brewer and Co-Owner Chris Calva and Co-Owner Steve Kozyk.


Yes, Kilowatt Brewing has a bar that has a colorful display under it and plays videos for a cool, colorful effect.  We talk about the creation of Kilowatt Brewing, originally named Illumination Brewing.  Kilowatt originally was going to open up in the Inland Empire area of California until the lease fell through.  With connections in San Diego, Kilowatt ended up in Kearny Mesa.  In the show they discuss their brewing philosophy and how they decide to survive in a city with 107 breweries.

Part of their brewing process is brewing “gluten reduced” beers.  Also, some of their beers are blended, two types of beers put together for a different beer experience.  Speaking of brewing, Kilowatt is a nano-brewery and Steve is planning with fellow nano-brewer Alex from Intergalactic to create a San Diego nano-brewery association.  And of course we talk about hops, the hop shortage, and hop contracts.


All music is from The Routine. Check them out and go to a show!


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