Episode #13: West Coaster Magazine, Part 2

West Coaster Magazine


San Diego craft beer is not just about the breweries.  I interview Mike Shess from the West Coaster Magazine, who with his partner Ryan Lamb, single-handedly created the first magazine focusing solely on the craft beer scene in San Diego.  This 3-hour interview has been split into two parts so save your sanity.


Even though we talked for 3 hours, we could have kept going for another two.  Lucky for you we decided to stop.  In part 2 we talk about some of the South Bay and Tijuana breweries.  We discuss the fact there is now over $600 million of economic impact to San Diego from the brewing industry.  This brings up the common question of will the “bubble” burst?  We talk about our best new breweries and I try to get Mike to tell me his worst breweries, but I end up calling out a certain brewery with no current home.  Is San Diego the best beer city?  Some Top 10 list says Yes and some say No.  Who the fuck cares???  I review the Reader On Tap festival and talk about the upcoming beer fests, Mission Valley Craft Beer & Food Festival and CityBeat Festival of Beers.  For some reason we talk about the artwork in the room where we record.  And finally, yes finally, we talk about what excites Mike and what get’s him out of bed.  Thank you so much for listening and please take Mike up on his offer, email him and mention the show, he will give you a treat.



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